Nightclubs in Siem Reap

There are many nightclubs in Siem Reap where you can dance all night long on a mix of western and Cambodian pop hits, while enjoying a cold beer or cocktail from the bar. Most of these clubs also have an outdoor seating area where you can order a drink or delicious Khmer meal from early in the evening.

Good to know: Usually the food and drinks are more expensive inside the club than in the outdoor seating area. 


The Blue Sand night club opened recently in October 2011. The club is located on Sivutha Blvd, close to Lucky Mall. The left side is a Karaoke bar, while the right part of the building it is a nightclub. The dance floor is surrouned by couches where you can relax and have some refreshments, beers or cocktails. The club also  has several stages on which some local ladies (and men) show their exotic party moves. Smoking is not allowed inside the club!
Opening hours: Every day from 19h00 to 3h00 in the morning.


  Hip Hop Club Siem Reap

Hip Hop Club is a very attractive spot on the riverside, opposite to the old market (Phsar Chas). It is often crowded inside, even early in the evening because this club is very popular with the local youth. Don't confuse the name with the music and dance style hip-hop. The club dj plays a mix of trendy dance, modern hip-hop and even romantic khmer songs. The outside terrace will offer you a moment of rest and some fresh air before going inside again to move your body on the basses. The club offers some really tasty food inside and outside. There is no entrance fee but the prices are more expensive inside than in the outdoor seating area. Hip Hop Club is one of the highlights of the Siem Reap's Nightlife, don't miss it.
Opening hours: Every day from 19h00 to 4h00 in the morning.


  Pyramid Club Siem Reap

Pyramid Mega Entertainment Club has a bistro, beer garden and fresh sea food restaurant on-site. There is even a paint ball field for the more adventurous party people. The pyramid club doesn't only provide you with a massive disco dome for dancing, but also a huge modern VIP Karaoke building for singing along with your favourites tunes. The Central dance floor is designed like an arena. The two bars, VIP lounges, Cambodian top DJ and friendly hostesses will guarantee that you'll have an unforgettable night. Located on National Road 6, 5km from the center, on the way to Phnom Penh. You can't miss it, just look out for the pyramid on your left side.

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