Siem Reap night markets

If you love strolling, walking and eating at night markets, then you'll have a wonderful time in Siem Reap. Several bazaars open their doors around sunset, offering a broad mix of stalls and booths, selling traditional Cambodian crafts, clothing, silk, jewelry, paintings and other souvenirs.

Souvenir shopping at Angkor Night MarketSouvenir shopping at Angkor Night Market

Unlike the daytime markets, the night markets in Siem Reap are mainly frequented by a tourist crowd. However, this shouldn't stop you from visiting at least a couple of these night bazaars. Even if you aren't interested in buying souvenirs, you may still discover some delicious food by eating at one of the typical food stalls. You should definitely try a Khmer banana / chocolate pancake for example. It costs less than 1 dollar and it's highly recommended (and addictive)!

Recommended night markets

Siem Reap offers a wide range of night markets and thanks to the ever increasing tourist numbers, new ones are opening up regularly. Because of that, we created the following short list of night bazaars that are worth a visit. Each one of these has its own unique atmosphere, which will assure that you'll have a great and relaxing time.

Angkor Night Market

Angkor Night Market, Siem Reap

Angkor Night Market, established in 2007, was the first night market in Cambodia. As most markets, it is designed in a traditional Asian style with a roof to protect you from the sporadic heavy rain during the wet summer months. Nowadays, the market counts around 240 shops which offer a wide range of souvenirs and other traditional crafts. Besides shopping, you can also watch a historical documentary about the Khmer Rouge genocide from 1975 till 1979 at the night market's movie mall. And afterwards, you can pamper yourself with an original Dr. Fish massage or body & feet massage or you can just relax by having a drink at one of the bars located in the heart of the market. There is also a food court which offers Cambodian, Western and Asian specialties and there's even a Shisha bar. Free wifi is available in the night market and its restaurants. 

Tel: +855 92 654 315
Opening hours: Every day from 16h00 till midnight 
Location: On Sivutha Blvd, just 100m from Pub Street, follow the neon lights to find its location

BB Night Market

BB night market, Siem Reap

BB Night Market was recently established in a newly constructed building right in the center of Siem Reap. In fact, this night market is located just at the corner of Siem Reap's famous Pub Street. Inside the market, you will find the typical souvenir and jewelry shops while browsing the spacious alleys. On the outside, there are some 'open air' massage places and Khmer BBQ shops. On the second floor of the building, you can relax in Triangle Restaurant & Lounge, while enjoying some tasty food and drinks.

Opening hours: Every day from noon till midnight 
Location: Between Pub Street and Sivutha Blvd

Noon Night Market

Noon Night Market, Siem Reap

Noon Night Market is located between Sivutha Blvd and Angkor Night Market. This night market is smaller than the original Angkor Night Market, but will offer you the same choice of handicrafts and souvenirs. When you buy something at this market, 10% of the profit will go to the charity 'Happy Family Orphanage'. Inside the market, you will find a relaxing bar and a Khmer/Western restaurant with free wifi. An ATM is available in case you need some extra cash for your shopping.  

Tel:  +855 63 963 775
Opening hours: Every day from noon till midnight
Location: Between Sivutha Blvd and Angkor Night Market

Siem Reap Art Center Market

Siem Reap Art Center Market

Siem Reap Art Center Market is located on the east bank of the Siem Reap River, right opposite the Old Market (Phsar Chas). Since its opening in 2012, this market offers a broad mixture of locally manufactured products like silk, handicrafts, crocodile leather, clothing and many other souvenirs. Like with most night bazaars, there are also a couple of restaurants on-site which offer a fine combination of Khmer and Western food. Free wifi is avaiable and payments by credit card are possible. You can also enjoy a free Apsara dance show performed every day from 20.00 till 21.00. When you come from the Old Market, just cross one of the wooden bridges over the river and you'll find yourself at the entrance of the market. 

Tel:  +855 12 831 535
Opening hours: Every day from 20h00 to midnight
Location: Old Market area, on the east bank of the Siem Reap River 

Dining Tips

Red Piano

Red Piano

Pub Street
Cuisine: Asian, International, Khmer
Schnitzel Wirtin

Schnitzel Wirtin

Tonle Sap road
Cuisine: Austrian, International, Thai


Just out of National Road #6
Cuisine: French, International
Common Grounds

Common Grounds

#719-721, Street 14
Cuisine: Asian, International, Khmer

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