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Restaurant / Bar - International, Khmer, Mexican cuisine
Budget $ Free WIFI

Mexican restaurant serving specialties since 2006, at the opposite corner of the Old Market. Traditional dishes like tortillas made fresh daily, tacos, burritos, fajitas, a selection of Khmer and Asian plats, along pizzas and pastas. Large list of cocktails with one of the best mojito in town, wines from all over the world, and the biggest choice of tequila in Asia.

Under Construction

Restaurant / Bar - International, Khmer, Thai cuisine
Budget $ Free WIFI

One of the most pleasant bar/restaurant in town. Relax in their cozy and crazy outside garden area which can seat around 60 people or have a cheap drink inside in their large funky bar. The kitchen is open from noon until midnight, serving excellent Thai & Khmer Food along with Western Snacks.

The Square 24

Restaurant - Asian, International, Khmer cuisine
Budget $$

Fine restaurant offering one the most delicious Khmer cuisine of Siem Reap, completed by some more conventional but tasty western dishes. Large selection of wines and cocktails. Set-up in a greeny garden, and decorated with Cambodian Art, for a romantic and charming moment.

The RiverGarden

Restaurant / Bakery / Bar - Asian, International, Khmer cuisine
Budget $ Free WIFI

This delicious restaurant is set up in a lush garden, as a part of the RiverGarden Hotel, and located on the river front only 2km away from Old Market on the way to Angkor Wat. Offering Khmer dishes, International and Asian tasty favorites at a reasonable price. Homemade bread, pastries and plenty other goodies. Bring your swimwear for a refreshing moment into the pool after your meal, it's included in the price !!!

The Pizza Company

Restaurant - International cuisine
Budget $$ Free WIFI

The only international chain of pizza in Cambodia, very popular with Khmer people, is located on the ground floor of the Angkor Trade Center, Pokomor Ave. on the river front. Serving a huge selection of American style pizza, with the possibility of choosing the type of paste you want, crispy and thin, or thick and soft.

Taj Mahal

Restaurant - Indian cuisine
Budget $ Free WIFI

Located in the heart of Siem Reap, this traditional Indian restaurant offering an authentic and classic cuisine with recipes inspired from the past centuries. As the menu is huge, you will also be able to order some vegetarian/vegan savorous dishes, and some Pakistanis specialties.


Ice Cream Parlor - International cuisine
Budget $ Free WIFI

You're hot after having walked all day, a huge ice cream is the solution and Swensen's is the best address in town for that. In a fully air-conditioned ice cream parlor, delight yourself with a big variety of flavors, scoops, cups, cones, sundaes and other pastries. Also birthday cakes and cold drinks on menu.

Schnitzel Wirtin

Restaurant / Bakery - Austrian, International, Thai cuisine
Budget $ Free WIFI

Open since 2004 in Sihanoukville, this excellent address has moved to Siem Reap a year ago. Serving delicious Austrian, German, and Thai food, in huge portions for an affordable price. The restaurant sells also its home made rye bread.


Restaurant / Café - Fusion, Khmer, Thai cuisine
Budget $$ Free WIFI

Uniquely designed restaurant/hotel, in a kitsch and comfortable style, Reflections is a gallery by itself. Artists and designer regrouped themselves together to create this original place. Serving a delicious fusion of Thai, Khmer and Asian cuisine, around a central swimming pool in a relaxed atmosphere.

Red Piano

Restaurant - Asian, International, Khmer cuisine
Budget $$ Free WIFI

Red Piano is one of the most popular and well-known restaurants in Siem Reap. It is easy to find as it is conveniently located at the entrance of Pub Street. This restaurant offers a large selection of international and Khmer dishes at reasonable prices. The interior is cozy and pleasant. Don't forget to taste the special "Tomb Raider" cocktail!

Peace Café Angkor

Restaurant / Bakery / Café - Asian, International, Khmer cuisine
Budget $ Free WIFI

The Peace Café is not only a delicious vegetarian restaurant; it's a social well-known address in Siem Reap. Offering meditation and yoga classes, some volunteer opportunities, Eco training, a fair trade boutique, chat with Monk, international language school and a child friendly garden.


Restaurant - Indian cuisine
Budget $ Free WIFI

Certainly one of the best Indian/Pakistani/Turkish restaurants in Siem Reap, and even in Cambodia. Serving a tasty Halal food, vegetarian or non, prepared freshly with the best quality spices for a fine and delicious experience. It will be very hard to make a choice in their impressive and inexpensive menu.

Lucky Burger

Restaurant - Fast Food cuisine
Budget $ Free WIFI

Situated on the first floor of the Lucky Mall, a well known shopping center, this Cambodian chain of fast food offers a large range of tasty burgers, hot dogs, pieces of fried chicken, and deserts for a reasonable price.

L'Oasi Italiana

Restaurant - Italian cuisine
Budget $$ Free WIFI

Established in 2005 by Roberto, a Tuscan who's fallen in love with cooking by watching his Grandma at the furnace, l'Oasi Italiana is a haven of peace far from the crowd of Pub Street. Offering a large selection of delicious Italian specialties, prepared only with local or homemade products, by the chef Titi and his team. Certainly one of the best tables in town.

Le Tigre de Papier

Restaurant - Asian, International, Khmer cuisine
Budget $$ Free WIFI

Open since 1999, Le Tigre was one of the first restaurants in Pub Street and became quickly an institution. Because their doors never close, you can appreciate the tasty menu, even really late, or have your breakfast before going to watch the sunrise on the temples. You can also order one of the fantastic pizzas cook in a wooden oven and be delivered at your hotel 24h/day.

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)

Restaurant - Fast Food cuisine
Budget $ Free WIFI

This unavoidable fast food chain is the only "international" brand present for the moment in the kingdom. Offering a large variety of meals, with some of the KFC's favorites, for a really good value and in a central location, only 200m away from Pub Street.

Jungle Junction

Restaurant / Bar - Asian, International, Khmer cuisine
Budget $$ Free WIFI

Jungle Junction is serving in a pleasant atmosphere some of the best burgers of Siem Reap, a selection of western dishes like salads, pastas, pizzas and of course, a tasty Khmer/Asian cuisine. But it's not only a delicious address, it's a huge family entertainment complex at only 5min Tuk-tuk from the city center.

Father's Restaurant

Restaurant / Café - Asian, Chinese, Fast Food, International, Italian, Khmer cuisine
Budget $$ Free WIFI

Father's Restaurant is run by a local Khmer family and friendly staff. Hygiene is very import for us, that's why we use only clean drinking water, fresh vegetables, meat and fruit. Our restaurant is located near the Old Market.

Ecstatic Pizza

Restaurant - Asian, Italian, Khmer cuisine
Budget $ Free WIFI

The cozy atmosphere of this place and its good cuisine will delight you. Various choice of pizza, with different sizes for every hunger, pasta, salads, sandwich, international breakfast, and the inevitable delicious Khmer dishes, all are on the menu and reasonably priced. Selection of coffee, fresh fruits juice, and cheap draft beer to accompany you meal. Free delivery in your room!!

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