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For Sale (Sihanoukville): Guesthouse, Bar & Grill

Parrot Head 19 Posts 23 Karma
Parrot Head posted this 06 March 2013

Name: Occheuteal Guesthouse & Smokey's Bar & Grill

Location: Pim's Plaza at Occheuteal Beach.



25 Total, all with air-con, hot water, fans, cable TV, and WiFi.

17 Rooms with 1 double bed.

 8 Rooms with 2 double beds.


The rooms are currently priced between $15 and $35 USD.

The restaurant has 18 tables and seating for up to 48 guests.


Asking Price:

$185,000, negotiable. This includes the guesthouse, bar, restaurant, and (former) bar next door, which is the current reception area for the guesthouse.


Lease / Rental Information

Monthly Rent: $2,200 USD

Length of lease: 9 years


Power Supply

Generator for power in case of power cuts.


Contact Mike:

micky.woz (at) hotmail (dot) com

Domestic Call: 07-054-6552

International Call: +855-7054-6552

Parrot Head 19 Posts 23 Karma
Parrot Head posted this 06 March 2013

NOTE: I posted the above ad for a mate of mine, here in Sihanoukville, who isn't very computer savvy. Please contact him regarding any queries regarding the guesthouse / bar & grill.

Thanks, and I hope you Siem Reap folks are doing well up that way!

Chris 151 Posts 3362 Karma
Chris posted this 06 March 2013

Hi Paul, good luck with the sale. I hope your mate finds a good buyer! Everything turning back to normal here in Siem Reap after 4 days of no electricity. Next time something like this happens, I will come to visit you in Sihanoukville for sure! :)



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