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When decided to live in Siem Reap you will also need to find a nice place to stay. Depending on the length of your stay you have serveral options.

Renting options

You want to feel at home and find a good and safe place to stay, then you can have a look at the following renting possibilities which Siem Reap offers. You can just rent a room, appartment or house depending on your budget. Below we give more details for these three options.


There are many guesthouses that offer a discount for volunteers or long stay renting. You can get easily a standard room for around 7 dollars a night including aircon, WIFI and cleaning service. 

There are also many houses and other properties that have rooms availables. These are most of the time runned by Cambodians and offer a nice room including aircon, small kitchen TV and refrigerator for a price between 80 and 150 dollars a month, often water and electricity not included. These properties don't always have sigh outside but just aks around and the local people and foreigners living here will point you to the right direction. You have many near Psar Leu, way to Building Bright University (BBU) and Park Hyatt Hotel street. Rooms located futher away from town are cheaper than the ones in the heart of Siem Reap. 

Appartment or Condo

If you have a larger monthly budget or want to share you can look for an appartment or condo to live ine. You have one, two or three bedroom appartments availble. The prices can fluctuate from 300 to even a 1000 dollars a month depending on the style, location, size and other services included. You can find already a two bedroom appartment with swimming pool and gym for around 450 dollars a month, water and electricity not included.  If you looking for a bigger, more modern and including all the facilities you will be paying a high monthly renting price. The advantage of an appartment or condo is that they often have 24 hour security and most of the time a partking lot.

House or Villa

If you are keen on your privacy and like to have a garden you have the option to rent a house. You have a wide range of houses to choose from. You can rent a traditional Khmer house, small modern house or a big villa. It depends on your needs and budget. Also here the location, style, modern facilities and size determine the price. You have already a Khmer styled house located close to town for around 200 dollars. Big villas with huge properties will have a rental price of 1000 to 3000 dollars a month. 

Rental contract

Rooms you can just rent per month and most of the time they won't ask you to sign a contract. For rening an appartment, condo and house or villa they often ask you to sign a contract for atleast 6 or 1 year. Also a deposit of two months is required. Before you sign a contract please read it carefully and make sure that you sigh a contract in English. Don't just sign a Khmer contract because you will never by sure if it contains the same contract as the English one. Check also which services are included and the inventory list if this is included in the contract.

Buying a property

According to the new Land Law of August 2001, no foreigner (natural person or legal entity) can own land in Cambodia. There is a new law since April 2010 which allows foreigners to be owners of building above the ground. So you can become the owner of a appartment or condo on the first or higher floors.

There are still some other options which can help you to buy a house or land. We will discuss them briefly.


A foreigner buys and pays the full price for the property but the title deed has to be registered on a Cambodian national. The foreigner and the Cambodian national will set up than a leasing agreement between them with guarantees a lease of 99 year. The foreigner can keep 100% full control if he has a contract with secure agreements about the leasing and property holding. The foreigner has the possiblity to sell the property and can claim 100% the profit is he is in possession of the title deed.

Company ownerschip

As a foreigner you can set up a company in partnership with a Cambodian citizan. Any property you buy will be bought in name of the company. The problem here is that you will only own 49% and the Cambodian national will have 51%. All rights, allocation of shares, certificates and selling options should be well documented in a contract. This can allow the foreigner to have full control of the companies assets.

Register on a Cambodian citizen

Be carefull with this option. Here the title deed and purchase will be registered on the name of the Cambodian national. In this case you have to be sure you can trust the Cambodian. As precaution you should stay in possession of the title deed and prevent the Cambodian national to have the option to sell the property. This is not really a save option and cause for problems.

Marriage to a Cambodian citizen

When marring a Cambodian national you can put the name of the property on yours wifes or husbands name. Here you should also be able to trust fully your wife or husband because this option can cause problems in divorcing matters. The property is not registered on your name so you also have no rights to it. A foreigner married to a Cambodian national and has resident in Cambodian for already a long time can try to apply for citizenship. Any property bought than can be registered on both names. But you will still need a legal agreement and have a clear view on the rights and obligations in case of a divorce.

Apply for Citizenship

A foreigner can become a Cambodian citizen if he pays $50.000 to the government who will note it as a donation. The advantage of this is that you will be able to buy a real property and have 100% ownership.

Real estate offices in Siem Reap

There are a few real estate offices in Siem Reap you can take you around to show the available properties for renting or buying. They have most of the time listing available in all price ranges. They can also help you with the required documents. 


care realestate 1

Cambodia Angkor Real Estate [C-A-R-E] was one of the first real estate companies established in 2002 in Siem Reap. Are you looking for an apartment or house for living or are you interested in find an interesting building for you business, CARE can definitly help you. This real estate company  has a divers property portfolio for commercial and residental purposes. Feel free to visit their office where friendly and professional staff will welcome you and show you the properties that meet your requirements. They are not only operating in Siem Reap but you can also find them in Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville. Its office in Siem Reap is located in Lork Ta Neouy Street,  turn left 500m before Psar Lheu on Natioal Road 6 and you will find it on your right after 700m. 

Tel : +855 63 963 039


siem reap properties 1

Siem Reap Properties is a Real Estate Consultant Agency that focus on the expatriate community. They have a exclusive property portfolio and will help you to find the ideal place for your living or starting your business.  They can give professional advice on renting and buying a house, land, apartment, hotel, guesthouse and any other business or residental options. Siem Reap Properties will also provide you with and help to fill in the necessary docurments to make sure that you follow the Cambodian real estate rules and laws. For any requirements and questions related to real estate don't hesitate to contact them.

Tel:  +855 12 512 932 (French & English)


Srey 's -property

This new company is owned and managed by Cambodians who have a good expertise about the properties for rent and sale in Siem Reap. They will help you to find the best deal for your needs. They also offer nteresting lving and business options if you are planning to stay for a long time. For more information and to visit some properties you can contact their agent.

Tel : +855 92 306 049 (Khmer/English) or +855 92  986 614 (French)

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