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Children aren't always interested in visiting temples and walking around the whole day. They want to have fun, play and laugh. But don't worry also Siem Reap thought of them. We mention in this section the places where you can go with your child and guarantee you that no only them but you will also enjoy it. Also don't forget to read our pages about Animal Parks & Wildlife or Adventure Tours. Some of these activities are amazing to do as a family.

Angkor Wat Putt

Are you ready and interested to play some mini golf then you should definitely visit Angkor Wat Putt. Here you can shoot a ball under Angkor Wat or over Ta Phrom. They have nine mini courses built in a beautiful garden which present perfect replica's from the temples. It is a nice way to get a break from visiting the temples and to have some fun hours with the family. For a pause and cool drink you can have a seat at the bar. The course is open from 8h00 till dark and they offer a pick up service from your hotel. The rates per course are 5$ for children and students and 7$ for adults. You can find Angkor Wat Putt on Angkor High School Road. Just go straight on the road and you should notice them on the left side after driving 2kms. Tel: +855 12 302 330

             Angkor -wat -putt Angkor -Wat -putt -1 Angkor -Wat -putt -2


Eating ice-cream

What doesn't taste better after a hot or fun day than an ice cream. There are a lot of shops in Siem Reap that offer many kind of flavors. You can choose one, two or three scoops with whipped cream on top depending on your preference. 

Ice cream shops: 

  • Blue Pumpkin: located Thnou Street, at the end of Pub street
  • Swensen's: located in Angkor Trade Center, Pokambor Avenue, along the river
  • Lucky Mall: ice cream kiosk on the ground floor, located on Sivatha Road


happy hop

Happy Hop provides safe, clean, fun.  An outdoor playground featuring 5 bouncers, swings, and sit & spin, the playground  is a sure way to burn off any excess energy your kids may have. Co-located with Angkor Wat Putt in quiet neighborhood, enjoy playing with the kids or enjoy a round of mini-golf while  they play. Admission  is $2.00 for unlimited play (discount for expats), leave and return is OK, If you want to have a special treat for your child's birthday party or event,  Happy Hop can help you out. They rent and provide small and big bouncers to make sure that your kid will have a fun and enjoyable day. You can get a small bouncer for 30$ and a big one or two small  for 50$. Their service includes setting it up and tearing it down. You can always contact them for more information and for any event. Open from 16.00 to 20.00 during the week and from 08.00 to 20.00 on Sunday and during the holidays. They are located on Angkor Wat Putt's site (see above), left hand side after driving 2kms on Angkor High School road. Tel : +855 97 640 4268

Happy -hop -2


jungle junction

jungle junction 1Jungle Junction is really a paradise for children. This place has a huge garden with all kind of play material. When you hear children laughing they are probably jumping on the trampolines and bouncers. There is also a pool full with colourful balls to hide in and sand box to build your own castle. Also available are karaoke rooms equiped with a disco ball to sing a song together with the whole family. In the on-site cinema the children can enjoy watching a funny movie while eating popcorn. Their friendly and professional staff will take care of children while you have a drink and some food on the balcony. Enjoy the restaurant, with a large selection of burgers, snacks, western and Khmer dishes and hang out at the bar having a cold beer or a glass of wine. You can contact them to organise a birthday party or special event and they wiill create for you an unique concept. In addition they provide day care and drop off service for children that stay a full day, half day or in the evening. Open from 8h00 to 23h00. This play garden is located 2kms from the center, on Angkor High School road. You can't miss their sign. Tel : +855 10 527 568


Kids Plaza

Kids -PlazaKids plaza is very popular with the Cambodian Children. This place has a great indoor playground where the children can have a fun morning or afternoon with their friends and family. Smiling faces will appear when the kids see the many games that are availble for them to enjoy. When getting hungry you can check out one of the two restaurants. The downstairs restaurant offers delicious Cambodian food and is often full-seated in the weekend during breakfast time. The upstairs restaurant provides hamburgers and other Western snacks. Kids Plaza is located along the river, on Achar Svar Street and on the corner of Street 20, Wat Bo area. Tel: +855 63 966 288


Playing  computer games

A lot of children like to play video and computer games. There are two places in Siem Reap that provide this kind of games. You can go to Angkor Trade Center and spend a a few hours playing in the games arcade on the 3rd floor. Or you can go to Lucky Mall and have fun in the play shop on the third floor. Both places will guarantee that your children will have a great time. Angkor Trade Center is located on Pokambor Avenue, along the river and Lucky Mall on Sivatha Road. 


Sky High Roller Skate

There is only one roller skate rink in Siem Reap, called Sky High. You can find it in Angkor Trade Center (located on Pokambor Avenue, along the river) on the 4th floor. You can bring your own skates or rent them for only 1$/hour. You should try it out and spin around on the music beats while skating and enjoying yourself. After skating you can have a snack and drink in their restaurant. The skating rink and restaurant are open from 9h00 to 22h00. Tel: +855 88 372 7050

Roller -skating2



Children love to swim and play in the water. It can be that your hotel or guesthouse you are staying in has a swimming pool. If not, no problem! There are many hotels and guesthouses which offer to use their swimming facilities by paying a small fee or for free when you buy a drink (visit this forum post for more information: swimming pools in Siem Reap). If you opt for a more natural swimming pool then you can head out to Baray



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