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Golf is not the only sport to practice in Siem Reap. Most of Cambodians like to play volleyball. Every evening you can watch and join them on many playgrounds around the city. Other popular sports are football, Toat Sèy (Cambodian game), fitness, boxing, billiard and many others. You will find on this page most of the main clubs and places to let off steam and to sweat, if climbing temples all day by more than 33°C was not enough for you.


Toat Sèy

Some will tell you that this game is Vietnamese, but in fact it's Khmer. It is very popular but not so easy as you think. It requires a precise technique to kick a kind of shuttlecock (but more elongated and named Sèy) to the other players with your feet, shoulder, elbow, back and mainly with style. Competitions are organized and the winner is the one who can perform the most difficult tricks as natural as possible. Some of the best Siem Reap players train around 17h00 on the river front, between the Old Market and the wooden bridge. Take a look and admire this amazing Khmer game.

tot sey 1


toat sèy 2      toat sèy 3 toat sèy 4


bsc snooker club

bsc snooker club 1If you like to play pool and especially snooker BSC Snooker Club is the ideal place. The mix of cheap drinks, good atmosphere and a pool game amoung friends, will guarantee you a pleasant evening. They have three rows of large tables in perfect conditions. The pool tables are located a the back, in the main room. It can be very busy but you can wait in the cosy couch or in a private room for your turn to shoot balls. The entire establishment is air-conditioned and a friendly hostess will help you to count the score and will handle the settings at the table. You can play already a game for only 2.5$/Hour. Open from 7h00 to midnight. The snooker club is located at the end of Samdech Tep Vong Street. You will see it on your left side when you arrive from the Park Hyatt Hotel and just before turning right to go to New York School and National Road 6. Tel : +855 12 848 460 or +855 97 878 9719


Cambodia Aikido Association

Cambodia -aikido -association -1This Japanese martial art has been founded by Ueshiba Morihei (1883-1969), and is a combination of traditional techniques and deep spiritual training. No match or fight as there is no concept of superiority; it consists to train your body and your mind by repeating exercises according to the student levels. The practitioner could use the Aikido for defending himself without hurting his attacker. Practicable by everybody, no limit of age even if it's really intense. Established in 2002 in Phnom Penh, the association has opened a dojo (training place) in Siem Reap in 2009. The courses for adults are taught by a Japanese master every Tuesday and Thursday, from 18h30 to 20h in ISSR School, Wat Damnak. Tel: +855 12 333 556 or +855 95 802 932


happy ranch horse farm

happy ranch 3The Happy Ranch Horse Farm offers countryside trail rides from one hour to half a day, or even horse cart trips. Set on 10 hectares of beautiful Khmer countryside, around a miniature lake, the ranch accommodates 46 horses and ponies, stallions, mares and foals. They give equitation lessons from beginner to advanced. For horse lovers living in Siem Reap they can sell you a horse and take care of it in their pension. Located on "the ring", near Svay Dangkum Pagoda, 2km from the Old Market. Tel : +855 12 920 002 or +855 97 792 0002

happy ranch 2


krorma yamato rock climbing

krorma yamato climbing 1This amazing climbing wall is located in Krorma Yamato Guest House. The owner is Japanese and promotes budget accommodation. The 8-meters high indoor wall will make you discover your inner strenght or will give you an excellent training if your are already an insider. The wall contains three separate sections including a cave. They respect all the safety regulations and the climbing wall is accessible for all levels. The fee is 2$ for 30min, equipment included. After an tiring cilmb you can reload your energy with a tasty Japanese or Khmer dish available at the restaurant at reasonable prices. Open daily from 11h00 to 22h00. This place is situated on #311 National Road 6 on the way to airport, 100m left after Caltex petrol station. Tel : +855 12 893 001 or +855 17 777 110


moha nokor bokator school / club

moha nokor bokator 1Bokator is known as an old Cambodian martial art form. Orginally it wasn't designed as a combat sport, but to be used on the battlefield. It uses a variety of fighting techniques. You can expect elbow and knee strikes, shin kicks, feet and hands punching and ground fighting. Cetrain weapons like the bamboo or other short sticks are used in this sport to demonstrate attack and defence techniques. Moha Nokor Bokator school is the only one in Siem Reap which offers bokator courses. The founder Say Teven has a first degree black Krama master. He is an inspiring Bokator teacher and won the first price in two national championships.  Are you a newcomer or experiences practiser, everybody is welcome in the school. They provide professional training for all levels. They have one hour classes, three time a day (at 6h00, 9h00 and 18h00), 7 days a week excluding Cambodian public holidays.  The school is well equipped with all the necessary training gear. When joining one of the classes, be prepared for an intensive physical workout. Turn left after the Reaksmey Siem Reap Clinic on National Road 6, on the way to Phnom Penh and find the club 300m on your left. Tel : +855 97 838 0844

moha nokor bokator 2


pyramid paintball

pyramid 2Believe it of not, but Pyramid entertainment club has a large paintball field avaible for you so that you can have a fun afternoon with your friends and family by shooting paint balls. In a safe and large playground, limited by nets and with inflatable modules, you will be able to have a great fight by using your air guns and full combat gear. The staff of the club will guide you during the game or will challenge you to measure your battle skills. The paint ball field is open every day and is located on National Road 6, on the way to Phnom Penh, 5kms from the city center. Tel : +855 63 967 778



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