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Siem Reap has a wide range of traditional Cambodian art galleries and handicraft shops, which will bring you back to the Angkorian era. But also pay a visit to the contemporary artists who are also well represented in the city.

Angkor Artwork

angkor artwork 3Angkor -artwork1Visit the workshop/gallery of this amazing place in Siem Reap, which is a brilliant mix of art and ancestral Khmer's techniques. Angkor Artwork are the unique artists in Cambodia to use the vegetal lacquer (as "Eric Stocker Laque et Textures", entity sister) to realize some of the most beautiful Buddha statues in the country, superb paintings with an original oxidation process, or even boxes decorated with gold leaf. A highlight into the Siem Reap artistic scene you cannot miss. Special order possible on demand, by choosing your own size, technique and design. Secured shipping all over the world. VISA/MC accepted. Open from 8h00 to 19h00. Located 2 kms from the center, pass in front of Angkor High School and turn right, 300m on the right hand side. Tel : +855 12 327 680


angkor artwork 2

Artisans d'Angkor

artisan d'angkor 1Artisans d'Angkor is the most famous arts and crafts center in Siem Reap. It's goal is to preserve some of the oldest traditional Cambodian craftsmanships from disappearing. The center provides training to young Cambodians, enabling them to develop their talents and make an income without having to relocate from their home villages. During the years, Artisans d'Angkor has created over 1,000 jobs, including 624 craftsmen jobs. The project currently has 12 work shops spread over Siem Reap Province. Visit the workshop in Siem Reap town which offers a guided tour to get you initiated in crafts like stone and wood carving, lacquer painting, silk weaving, silver plating and more. After the tour, you'll have the opportunity to visit their showroom and discover a wide range of traditional and modern products, like silk clothing, candles and statues. The showroom is air conditioned and payments with Visa / Mastercard are accepted. Artisans d'Angkor is Open every day from 7h30 to 18h30. The entrance is located in the street in front of Terrasse des Elephants hotel on Sivutha Blvd. Tel : +855 63 963 330

Discover a lot more information and pictures about Artisans d'Angkor in our sightseeing section! 

Asia Craft Center

The mixity of products of this showroom, coming from all over southeast Asia and specially Cambodia, will bring you in journey you will never forget. Find a huge choice of quality handicrafts with silk products, lacquer ware and inlayed marble paintings. Large selection of high quality handmade south Asian rugs, primarily from Kashmir and a nice collection of ACC branded clothes are presented in this center. Nice workshop of stone carving and silk looming to visit. A/C. VISA/MC accepted. Open from 9h00 to 20h00. Located on the way to Angkor Wat. Tel : +855 63 760 321


Diwo Gallery

diwo1The two galleries will show you a selection of the most refined Khmer statues and Buddha, in bronze, silver, stone or wood, and also a large panel of home decorations. Works were produced by Cambodian artists, following ancient techniques and using original materials. Find a selection of historical books and admire the permanent exhibition of the French photographer and publisher Thierry Diwo, who did unique pictures of the Angkor temples untouched by tourism. A/C. VISA/MC accepted. Open from 8h00 to 21h00. Gallery 1 located 2kms outside city, on the way to Tonle Sap, follow the Diwo sign on your left at the Wat Svay bridge. Gallery 2 on the riverfront near old market. Tel : +855 92 930 799



High quality carpet and handicraft shop specializing in South Asian crafts, particularly handmade silk carpets, wall-hangings and embroidered scarves from Kashmir. Other crafts and objects of art are also available. Everything in the shop is handmade. Attentive, professional service and assistance provided by the staff. Custom orders and wholesale enquires are welcome and handled with care. The carpets will be shipped free of charge. A/C. VISA/MC accepted. Located on the Angkor Wat road. Tel : +855 63 966 431

Eric Stocker Laque et Textures

Eric -stocker -laque -1.The French artist Eric Stocker knows Siem Reap and Cambodia; he arrived there in 1998 to work with the Artisans d'Angkor project as one of the training masters, with his high knowledge in lacquer art. After ten years and hundreds and hundreds of Khmer students trained, he has left Cambodia for the neighbor country, Thailand, to manage the research and development service of a famous English designer. Back to Siem Reap in September 2012, he opened his own vegetal lacquer workshop « Eric Stocker Laque et Textures », which is linked to « Angkor Artwork » and where he provides his art and skills to young deaf Khmer. Visit this amazing place and discover unique techniques inspired from the ancestral Khmer culture. Designed and decorative lacquer products, covered with gold leaf or other precious materials, a highlight in the Cambodian's art scene that you cannot miss. Open daily from 8.00 to 18.00. 3km away from the city center, in front of Anjali House School. Tel : +855 92 910 184

Eric -stocker -laque -2.

Golden Silk

Golden -silk1The Golden Silk Farm is not only producing highest quality textile, woven and dyed by hand making each piece unique, it's also a fantastic project which gave, to more than 100 women from a particularly poor area of the Siem Reap Province, a skill by training them, a regular income by employing them, and also contributed to the whole community.

Started in 2002, but officially opened in 2010 after 8 years of learning and a long way to improve this fine silk until an unequaled quality, they use guarded secrets of fabrication used for generation to produce their traditional Cambodian silk known the world over.

An amazing workshop, some lovely and unique art textiles, an ecological farm contributing to the biodiversity by farming silkworm species which have nearly disappeared, a community based project to help poor and orphans by giving them an issue, those are all the reasons why you cannot miss give them a visit. Located in the village Prey Themey, 30 km away from Siem Reap in the Banteay Srey temple area (possible to include it in your temple day tour). Tel : +855 12 596 811



Khmer Ceramics Fine Arts Center

khmerceramics2The Khmer Ceramic Centre in Siem Reap is dedicated to the renaissance and appreciation of the lost art of Khmer ceramics. NCKCR was founded in 2006 to revive the skill and knowledge of this technically challenging and beautiful hand crafted art form. This boutique proposes Contemporary Khmer Ceramics, including tableware and vases inspired by Khmer culture and environment. You will discover Khmer Traditional Ceramics; both functional and decorative. Bronze, ceramics and polychrome also present in the shop. They offer vocational training for young disadvantaged Cambodians, academic research and international collaborations with esteemed potters to build and revive this lost heritage. Visit the workshop, and attend the bronze and clay classes. A/C. VISA/MC accepted. Located on Angkor Wat road, 30m after the traffic light of the National Museum. Tel : +855 17 843 014   call for free pick up


Cambodian Handicraft

Cambodian Handicraft was founded on April 21st, 2012 by Rachana and Edward Koopmans. They produce handmade bracelets, scarfs, t-shirts, handbags and wooden statues. Their products can be ordered online and they offer free worldwide shipping. 50% of the profits are donated to a charity that supports the people of 'O Villiage', a small and very poor village close to Siem Reap. And because all products are handmade in Cambodia, you will also support the development of the local economy. 

Find out more about this handicraft shop / charity on the Cambodian handicraft website and don't forget to visit their online shop! You can call Ed (English or Dutch) at +855 973 139 881. When you are in town, you can also visit their shop at the Siem Reap Art Center Night Market, across the river and opposite of the Old Market (Phsar Chas).

Le Lezard Bleu

Fine gallery of contemporary and traditional Cambodian art. High quality selection of sculptures, hangings, paintings and drawings, art-deco furniture, unique creations, design products and a large choice of home decoration. A/C. VISA/MC accepted. Possibility custom framing on your purchases. On street Pi Thnou, 50m from Canadia bank, in front of provincial hospital. Tel : +855 12 928 005

McDermott Gallery

mcdermott1Entirely devoted to photography, this pleasant and cozy gallery will show you the work of famous photographers, and specially the American John McDermott. The principal subject is off course the temples of Angkor Wat, but you will also discover an amazing selection of pictures from others Asian countries. Limited edition photographs, reproductions, posters and cards for sale in two different places. Initially located at FCC's building, a second gallery had opened in the heart of the city, near the old market. A/C. VISA/MC accepted. Open from 10h00 to 22h00. 1 : FCC building on Pokambor Av.     2 : The passage, parallel to Pub Street. Tel : +855 12 615 695


Theam's House

After more than 10 years as artistic director of Artisans d'Angkor, Lim Muy Theam, a Cambodian who had the most prestigious art and design schools of France, decided to train a team of Cambodian artisans and to reconnect them with the artistic traditions of Cambodia and the ancestral savoir faire. Lacquer ware paintings, wood and stones carving are the principal activities of the artists. Visit the workshop, the showroom and the gorgeous tropical garden of this house of exception. A/C. VISA/MC accepted. Open from 8h00 to 19h00. Located #25 Phum Veal, Khum Kokchak. Tel : +855 12 712 039


theam's house 1

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