Fashion, silk and jewelry

There are many fashion and handcraft shops in Siem Reap town, making it easy for you to get the beautiful dress you were dreaming about and the silk scarf to go with. Don't forget to shop for a necklace and a handbag to complete your restyling. Maybe you will be fasinate by the wallets and shoes in crocodile leather or a statue to decorate your house. For every budget you will find orginal gifts to buy.


Original ADIDAS sportswear and accessories. Large choice of fashionable items. If you are looking for running shoes or a sports outfit of a good quality this is the shop to find it. They have air conditioning inside and accept VISA/MC for paying. Open from 9h00 to 21h00. #598, Tep Vong Street, in front of the Children's Hospital. Tel : +855 63 965 906

Angkor shoes making

For orginal leather shoes you can visit the only cordwainer of Siem reap. He can make for you well fitted shoes in a short time and for an honest price. Choose the model in a catalogue or bring your own pair to get a replicate. Open from 10h00 to 21h00. On the corner of Street 11 & Sivutha Blvd. Tel : +855 12 862 258


Bambou -indochineOriginal Cambodian inspired designs T-shirts, polos and resort wear. A full range of sizes for men, women and children. They clothes are made of 100% cotton, a trustworthy fabric. Air conditioning inside and they accept VISA/MC as payment. Open from 10h00 to 22h00. They have four shops in Siem Reap, one in Lucky Mall, one located in the west Alley (parallel to Pub Street), another one on Street 11 next to Red Piano and the last one in the Siem Reap Airport. Tel : +855 63 966 071



This boutique has a an original range of clothes and accessoiries. Every piece is unique and only one of a kind designed by a talented Cambodian women. All the profit goes to the organisation Global Child which helps to support and educate the street children of Siem Reap. Beau Fou Boutique is located above Joe to Go restaurant, near the old Market. street 9 (behind Central Café) Open from 7h00 to 21h30 and Tel: +855 63 969 050  


Original fashion accessories, clothes (locallydesigned and hand made in Cambodia) and shoes, nail polish and spa products, all at really reasonable prices. Also check out their beautiful and orginal handbag collection. Open from 10h00 to 22h00. On "The Lane", alley next to Pub Street. Tel : +855 12 718 740

Blush boutique


High quality silk products made in Cambodia at an affordable price. Special order within 24h made by their tailor. A/C. VISA/MC accepted. Open from hh00 to 22.00. On Oum Khun Street and Street 7. Tel : +855 63 761 198 

Eric rasina

eric raisina

This famous designer will present you his collection of silk clothing and accessories, inspired by the new cultures and the various techniques he discovered in Asia. A/C. VISA/MC accepted. Open from 9h00 to 22h00. On Pokambor Ave. (FCC Angkor restaurant). Tel : +855 63 963 208

garden of desire

Original Jewelry shop, offering you a large choice of gorgeous pieces with unique design. A/C. VISA/MC accepted. Open from 10h30 to 22h00. Located in "The passage", parallel to Pub street. Tel : +855 12  319 116  


Collection of hand woven clothes with accessories all designed and produced in Cambodia. A/C. VISA/MC accepted. Open from 9h00 to 22h00. On Pokambor Ave. (FCC Angkor restaurant). Tel : +855 63 760 610  


This boutique right next to Blue Pumpkin will offer you a large choice of Khmer silk products and original Jewelry. Here you will also find all the merchandise from Senteurs d'Ankor and a selection of table art (tea set, spoon, table set and bamboo trays). A/C. VISA/MC accepted. Located in Pi Thnou Street, Old Market area. Tel : +855 63 963 830  

leathers collection

Large choice of crocodile leather products like belts, bags, wallets and shoes. High quality standards, and manufactured in Cambodia from their farm until the conception factory. Others offer of merchandises in leather of stingray, sea snake or ostrich. A/C inside and VISA/MC accepted as payment. Located on road to Angkor Wat, on left side after the museum. Tel : +855 16  758 595

pouk silk farm

After visiting Artisans d'Angkor, why not visiting also the other branch of their company. Interesting workshop where you will get a detailed explanation on how to produce silk, weaving and clothes confection. Gorgeous showroom and boutique with a huge collection of high quality products. VISA/MC accepted. Open from 8h00 to 17h30. On National Road 6, 16kms from the center on the way to Poipet. Free shuttle bus from Artisans d'Angkor at 9h30 and 13h30 every day. Tel : +855 63 399 064 


Discover a huge range of clothing, designed by a French stylist in pure natural silk at a reasonable price. All their clothes are produced in Cambodia, respecting the fair trading rules. The company is involved in improving the living conditions in the villages of the weavers and has trained more than 160 women to persued a career in fashion, model making, weaving, and spinning since 2003. Everything is tailor-made and they can create a unique piece for you in 24 hours. They promote retail and wholesale selling. You can visit their shop or have look and oder throught their online shop. A/C. VISA/MC accepted. Open from 8h00 to 23h00. On Pi Thnou Street, 50m from Pub Street, opposite Provincial hospital. Tel : +855 63 965 310


Shanti shop

A new fashion shop just 10m from Pub Street ! Original clothing, casual wear, shoes. Designers from France and Thailand. Good prices, different sizes, large choice for men and women. Open from 14h00 to 23h00. Located between The lane and Pub Street. Tel : +855 97 837 6554


Famous brand of shoes for men, women and children, with that cool Californian style. A/C. VISA/MC accepted. Open from 10h00 to 21h30. On street 5, near Pub Street. Tel : +855 63 968 333


Smateria's product creation is not only about recycling: it's also about creating useful, attractive and innovative items from the most mundane materials. By using materials that already been used, they draw you into a world of new perceptions and imagination. Huge choice orginal bags, wallets and fashion accessories. Open from 8h00 to 19h00 (closed on Sunday). Located on Alley West, Pub street area. Tel : +855 63 964 343


three seasons

Three Seasons boutique is a very spacious shop offering modern casual and designed clothes. Associated with the three fashions shops from Phnom Penh, selling originals clothes and accessories produce in Cambodia by using environmentally friendly processes and materials. One boutique employs HIV positive women and people from difficult backgrounds. Open from 10h00 to 22h00. Located in The Lane, small alley parallel to Pub Street. Tel : +855 12 415 989

vintage clothes

Save money by buying second hand clothes and other accessories. In these two shops, you will find a large range of dresses, shirts, shoes, belts, hats, bags and jewelries, all in perfect conditions, coming from overseas. Open from 8h30 to 21h00 (1) and from 10h00 to 21h00 (2). One located in Phsar Kandal - Center market (1) and the other in Alley West, Pub street parallel (2). Tel : +855 17 978 305


Looking for a pair of gorgeous shoes, sandals or pumps VNC shoes offers it all. The shop has a wide range of women modern design shoes and accessoiries. Different sizes are available at reasonable prices. Open from 10h00 to 21h00. Located on Sivutha blvd. Tel: +855 63 965 828

wild poppy

wild poppyThe perfect boutiques for you ladies, where you will find all you need. Fashion clothing, accessories, jewelry, beads and pearls, home wares, and also local products like coffees, teas, potpourris and well-being ware of Bodia Nature brand. A/C. VISA/MC accepted. Open from 9h30 to 22h00. Two shops, one on Sivutha Blvd (in front of "Hotel de la Paix") and the other one in Alley West, parallel to Pub Street. Tel : +855 77 569 133

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