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Even if your luggage is almost full, it will be hard to leave Siem Reap without buying a gift or souvenir for your relatives and yourself. Some typical souvenirs are a painting of Angkor Wat, a wooden Buddha statue or a box of Kampot pepper (if you can find the real deal).

Tip: If you are looking for handmade products and traditional or contemporary art, visit the Siem Reap arts & crafts section.

Siem Reap offers a multitude of stores and markets where you will find some very nice and original products to take home. Places like Phsar Chas, Phsar Kandal and Artisans d'Angkor have been discussed elsewhere on this website. In this section, we focus on some other hidden gems for souvenir hunting!


Various choice of candles, scented or not, with lantern effects, or Angkor Wat design are for sale in this lovely shop. A/C. VISA/MC accepted. Open from 10h00 to 21h00. On Pi Thnou Street, near Old Market. Tel : +855 63 760 778

angkor candles

angkor cookies - madamsachiko

angkor cookies 1What a delicious idea to bring back some tasty Cambodian cookies. Visit the shop of Madam Sachiko and try their locally made biscuits and banana chips, which received awards of MONDE SELECTION 2010. Find also a large selection Cambodian products like teas, coffees, chocolate, honey, cashew nuts, palm sugar and pepper. Chill out in the Café Puka Puka, same building, and enjoy a fresh fruit drink, a hot tea or a coffee. A/C. VISA/MC accepted. Open from 9h30 to 19h00. Located on Angkor Wat road, opposite Sofitel hotel. Tel : +855 12 315 804  

bodia nature

bodia nature 1

Well-being and relaxing store, with its huge choice of cosmetics and natural products. All you need to take care of you and chill out after a long day visiting temples. Oil diffuser, balm, facial and body scrubs, bath salts, essential and massage oils, herbal soaps and many other things will bring you in a world of softness and tenderness. All their products are made in Cambodia. Gift boxes and online shop are available. A/C. VISA/MC accepted. Two shops: one in Lucky Mall on Sivutha Blvd, open from 9h00 to 22h00, and one in Angkor Night Market, open from 17h00 to midnight. Tel : +855 78 800 112


citadel 1Created in Cambodia by Dominique Eluere at the end of the last century, Citadel produces hand crafted knives and swords. The highly skilled workers forge the blades according to ancestral techniques. Large selection of cooking knives, table's knives, hunting and combat knives, or even Japanese style, all made in Cambodia. High quality products with a really long life cutting edge. A/C. VISA/MC accepted. Open from 9h00 to 22h00. Located in Street 7, parallel to Pub Street. Tel : +855 11 308 471

khmer boutique

Large selection of high-quality traditional Khmer carvings, Buddhist and Hindu representations as Buddha, Ganesha or Garuda. Fine collection of magic knives and king's seal. Stone, silver, brass and many other products in different metals. One of the best pick of Khmer Artifacts in Siem Reap. Open from 16h00 to midnight. Located in Angkor Night Market. Tel : +855 12 345 677

mekong quilts

mekong quilts 1Cozy and pleasant boutique run by Mekong Plus, a non-profit organization. Find a large selection of high quality handmade quilts, pillows, soft toys and accessories at reasonable prices. By providing training and jobs to more than 170 women living in rural areas, the organization helped many villages in Cambodia and Vietnam, and continue by using the benefits of Mekong Quilts to provide scholarships and health projects to poor people. A really nice purchase and a great help for the Khmer community. A/C. VISA/MC accepted. Open from 15h00 to 23h00. On Sivutha Blvd, 100m from Pub Street. Tel : +855 63 964 498   

pich reamker shop

pich reamker 1You really enjoyed the Apsara dancing show and want to bring back a special souvenir from Cambodia, then this shop is the ideal place. Find a huge selection of unique masks and headwear used in traditional Khmer dances. High-quality products and absolutely authentic. Located at #591, Hup Guan Street, behind Phsar Kandal (Central Market). Tel : +855 12 876 863

senteurs d'angkor shop

Isenteurs d'angkor 2f you are looking for something refined and original, you will find it in this boutique. The company produces fine and authentic products since 1999. Senteurs d'Angkor will transport you in a sensory voyage of Cambodia. Two different types of items are offered. First you will discover the taste of spices, rice brandy, pepper, teas and coffees. Next you will experience the soft scent of natural soap, pure oil, perfumed candle and many other things. To finalize, the packaging is also natural, handmade from sugar palm leaves. A part of the store is dedicated to the traditional handicrafts such as silk, wooden statues and antiques. A/C. VISA/MC accepted. Open from 7h00 to 22h00. Located Pi Thnou St, Old Market area. Tel : +855 12 326 546

senteurs d'angkor workshop

senteurs d'angkor 4Visit the workshop and the tropical garden of this famous brand. Discover all the steps of making all the natural products like soaps, spices, candles. Admire the skills of the 110 qualified employees (and provides work to 100 else), mostly women from rural area (10% of the workshop staffs are handicapped) who all benefit from good work conditions (salary, profit-sharing, insurance, working environment…). Put an image on the name of exotic plants and flowers: jasmine, hibiscus, lemongrass, chili, pepper and many others. Enjoy a good coffee or tea at the degustation café to finish this fantastic walk in the scents of Cambodia. Free visit. Boutique with all the selection of products. A/C. VISA/MC accepted. Open from 7h30 to 17h30. On National Road 6, 3kms on the way to the airport. Tel : +855 12 326 546

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