Getting there & around

It is not recommanded to visit the temples by foot. They are too far apart and you will need your energy to climb up the stairs of most temples. But there are other ways of getting there and around.

You have the following possibilities :


You pay around 25-30 $ for one day with driver. This can be easily arranged with hotels, guesthouses or agencies in town. The advantage is that you are protected from the rain or the sunshine but you will also miss a lot of the sightseeing between the temples. Find also the contact details of some kind drivers in our Getting around section.


This is the most used transport method used to visit the temples. If you are just with a few people it is the best way to travel around the temples. You will pay around 12-15 $ per day. You can just pick any tuk tuk driver from the street. Just make sure that you tell in advance which temples you want to visit and agree on the price. If you are lucky you will have a driver who knows about the history of most temples. Another option is to visit our Getting around section, and contact one of our driver friends'.


If you feel up to it you can rent a bicycle for around 1-2 $ a day and ride from temple to temple on your on pace and strength. This transport method is becomining very popular with the tourists. The roads are flat and easy to ride so no cycling experience is needed. This is also the most environmentally friendly way of travelling through the Angkor Archaeological park. A lot of hotels and guesthouses rent bikes but in almost every street in town you find small shops where you can rent a bike.


For tourists that have enough money Helicopters Cambodia and Sokha Helicopters offer sightseeing fligths around Angkor Wat (75 $) and the temples outside Angkor Thom (around 130 $).


You can take an elephant ride from the South gate of Angkor Thom to the Bayon. This will cost 10 $. In the evening you can also go up Phnom Bekheng to see the sunset. For this ride the price is 15 $.


For an exciting ride with a hot-air balloon you can contact Angkor Balloon. They charge 11 $ per person and they can carry up to 30 persons.


  • Please negotiate the details of the drivers service in advance. Ask the exact price, what time the day start and ends, limitations on your itinerary, this is to avoid any misunderstandings during your visit. At the end of your visit, even if they ask more, just pay what was agreed in advance.
  • To visit Banteay Srei, Phnom Kulen, Kbel Spean and Koh Ker it is better to rent a car as these are futher located on the premises of Angkor Wat. It will be also more expensive to go there, so please agree upfront with your driver the price and hours you want to spend.


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