Siem Reap hospitals and pharmacies

The most likely illness that tourists suffer from is a bad stomach or diarree. To prevent to get dehydrated you must drink enough water. Don't drink the water of the tap but buy bottled water. Make sur that fish and meat dished are well baked and be careful with eating shellfish. Most of the time disorder in the stomach or intestinal is caused by hot weather, change in pattern and tiredness. So we advise to take it easy the first days.If you really feel ill or get a fever, it is better to go and see a doctor.


Royal Angkor Hospital 

International medical service, they work together with doctors from Bangkok, clean, staff speaks English, ambulance available, all mordern equipment, 24 hours emergency service, expensive but good service.
Location: On Road No. 6 (near the airport)
Contact details: Tel: + 855 63 761 888 or +855 12 235 888 or +855 63 399 111

Khmer-China Hospital

Full medical service, small hospital, ambulance service, 24 hour service, some staff spreaks English
Location: Sivatha Blvd.
Contact details: Tel: + 855 12 596 686 or +855 11 565 737

Siem Reap Provincial Hospital

Cheap but no modern equipment available, used by many Cambodians, stafff can't spreak English
Location: Near Old Market, at the end of Pub Street, Hospital Street
Contact details: Tel: +855 63 963 111

Naga Health Care International Medical Center

Fulll medical service, General and tropical medicine, staff spreaks English, foreign doctor available
Location: Hup Guan Street (behind Central Market)
Contact details: Emergency Tel: +855 92 793 180, Office Tel: + 855 63 761 295, Mobile Tel: +855  12 363 601

Angkor Hospital for Children

Full medical service for children, staff spreaks English
Location: Tep Vong Road or Oum Chhay Street
Contact details: Tel: +855 63 963 409

Kantha Bopha Hospital  

Full and free medical service for all Cambodian Children, established by Dr. Beat Richner
Location: Charles De Gaulle road (road to Angkor Wat)        

International Dental Clinic   

Full dental service for adults and children, according to international standards, modern equipment available, staff spreaks English
Location: National Road 6A
Contact details: Office Tel: + 855 63 767 618 or +855 99 395 682, Mobile Tel: +855 11 698 791 or +855 15 837 375

If you have a serious injury and you have an insurance, it's recommended to request a transfer to Thailand (Bangkok) or Vietnam for medical treatment. 



If you just have a headache or need some other kind of medication, you can go to a pharmacy. Pharmacies are available all over town. In U-care, the biggest and most famous one, you will find most of the medicine brands available at home. But also the smaller pharmacies in Siem Reap provide a good range of pain killers and other medication. 


All kind of medication is available, overseas brands, English speaking staff, professional advice
Location 1: Hospital Street, at the end of Pub street
Contact details: Tel: +855 63 965 396
Location 2: In Lucky Mall on Sivatha Road
Contact details: Tel: + 855 63 966 683


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