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There are many banks and exchange offices in Siem Reap. Also many ATMs are spread across the town. No need to change your money at home.  

Currency used

The official currency of Cambodia is Riel (KHR), but the US dollar is used as commenly as the Riel. Every restaurant, hotel, shop or other business puts their prices in dollars and accepts them for payement. For 1 dollar, you will get around 4000 riel. It depends on the exchange rate of the moment but most shops or other businesses will charge you 4000 riel for 1 dollar and don't look at the exchange rate of the day. 

There are no coins. The most common used bills of Riel are 20.000, 10.000, 5000, 1000, 500 and 100 riel. They will also not accept any American coins. They only accept the notes. 

Pay attention!

  • Please be careful that they don't give back any 2 dollar bills. These were popular in Cambodia some years ago and some have them still available but they aren't officially accepted anymore.
  • Check your exchange money carrefully. Any little torn in the bills of the US dollar makes them hard to spend again. Some restaurants and other businesses refuse to accept them. For the Riel there is no problem.
  • For small amounts make sure you have small notes available. They aren't always able to give back the correct amount. Especially places like the market and tuktuk drivers. In the restaurants or hotels it is no problem to use the 20 or 50 dollars bills. 

Banks & Exchange offices

In most banks in Siem Reap you have the same common bank services as anywhere. You can exchange your money, but they also support traveller cheques, transfers and credit card advances. 

Overview banks:

Bank Location Opening hours contact
ANZ Royal Bank
  • Tep Vong street
  • National Road No. 6
  • Street 11
  • Monday till Friday
  • 8h30 - 16h00

+855 23 999 000


Canadia Bank
  • Sivatha Street
  • Oppostive Phsar Leu
  • Monday till Friday 8h00 - 15h30 
  • Saturday 8h00 - 12h00 
  • +855 63 964 808
  • +855 63 966 806
Cambodia Asia Bank
  • Sivatha Street 
  • Corner Sivutha street & Road No. 6
  • Monday till Friday
  • 7h30 - 21h00
  • +855 63 963 315
  • +855 63 964 741/ 742
Mekong Bank
  • Sivatha Street
  • Monday till Friday
  • 8h30 - 15h30 
  • +855 63 964 417
SBC Bank
  • Sivatha Steet
  • Monday till Friday
  • +855 63 963 838
Union Commercial Bank (UCB)
  • Tep Vong Street
  • Monday till Friday
  • + 855 63 963 703


TIP: Money exchange offices give a better exchange rate than banks. You will find many along Sivutha Street. Please compare their rates before exchanging your money! 



You will find many ATM's in spread all over town. They all accept visa and most also accept Meastro, MasterCard and Plus. You can only withdraw dollars, no riel. Only if you have a Cambodian account you can use between the two currencies. Be carefull most ATM's will charge you around 4 dollar for withdrawing money. ATMs are 24 hours accessible. 

Credit cards & traveller cheques

The most accepted credit card is of course Visa, but also MasterCard and JCB cards are accepted. In most big hotels  you can pay with these credit cards, but small guesthouses still only accept cash. Also in most of the restaurants you have to pay cash. There are only a few that accept credit cards. Traveller cheques are accepted in most Banks and big hotels. Amex in US dollars is the most accepted. You can't use them in small businesses. 


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