Post office

The main postoffice of Siem Reap is located at the river side on the Pokambor Avenue. Daily open from 7h00 am till 5h30 pm. You can post your postcards here but it can take a while before they arrive. They offer general post office services and also parcel sendings. If you need to ship something valuable or you cant to make sure it arrives you can better use of the shipping services.




Shipping Services

Maybe you want to buy a beautiful peinting from Angkor Wat but you are worried how to get it home. You can use one of the following shipping services to arrange the shipping and to help you with the customs and export papers. You pay according to the weight and the destination. They can ship very small packages but also pieces up to 100 kilogram or more. 



  • Phsar Kandal, Sivatha Road, Siem Reap
  • Tel: +855 63 964 949


CPS Express

  • #6A, Sivatha Road, Siem Reap
  • Tel: +855 63 963 543



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