When you going to travel to Cambodia please first check with your medical doctor which vaccinations are recommanded. None are really obligated but some are advisable. So please check before you leave. 

We will mention here the onces that can prevented and are advisable : 

Disease  Description             Vaccination     
Hepatitis B
  • obtained by sexual contact
  • contaminated needles
  • contaminated blook
  • Series of injections
Hepatitis A
  • Related to food
  • Series of injections
  • Related to food
  • Series of injections
  • Pills
Japanese Enoephalitis
  • Mosquito transfer disease
  • Series of injections
  • Mosquito transfer disease
  • No vaccination
  • Pills to prevent (Melfoquine or others)
  • Good mosquito prevention spray
  • Related to food and water
  • One injection
  • To prevent wound contamination
  • 0ne injection every ten years
  • A body fluid disease
  • Series of injections



Other diseases to think about

  • When working as a volunteer or teacher and working with children it is recommanded to check and update your vaccinations for the childhood diseases like polio, measles and rubella
  • You will also find Dengue Fever which is spread by mosquitos in some parts of Cambodia. No vaccination is available for this so try to prevent mosquito bites by using a good prevention spray.
  • AIDS/HIV is also present in Cambodia. So please have safe sex.
  • Other diseased like Salmonella can happend. Be carefully about what you eat.



When travelling to Siem Reap or Phnom Penh you don't have to worry about Malaria. You can still get it on the country side but the cities are malaria free. 



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