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Tourists will have to rent a motorbike with driver included, because renting a motorbike is forbidden to foreign citizens in Siem Reap. It usually costs around $0.5 to $2 for a ride around town. Shops in Siem Reap also offer renting an electric motorbike, or e-bike. These green-colored motorbikes are mostly used to drive to the designated areas within the Angkor Wat site, and renting one costs around $10 per day. No license needed. However, there are definitely other ways to get around Siem Reap.


For the licenses,

International Driver’s License is not recognized in Cambodia. For 49-125 cc motorcycles, there is no need to get license. Tourists and visitors who are just staying for a couple of days can ignore getting a license, many expats just pay the small fine once stopped. However, for foreigners staying for a longer period might as well just get a license.

The requirements are 5 passport photos, passport with current visa, valid driver’s license, and a 35 USD processing fee. One can apply at The Department of Public Works and Transport or at The Ministry of Public Works and Transport in Norodom Boulevard. The turnaround time is usually 24 hours for the provisional license and 1 month for the real license. There is also an online application form available online on MPWT website.