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Hi Robin,

Although you will notice that some shops in Siem Reap rent out motorbikes, this is actually illegal. Unlike in most other cities in Cambodia (Phnom Penh, Battambang, Sihanoukville,…) the law prohibits local businesses to rent out motorbikes to tourists. The reason behind it, is a bit unclear. Some say that it’s because of the dangerous traffic and road conditions in Siem Reap. But then again, isn’t this the issue everywhere in Cambodia?

Nevertheless, when visiting Siem Reap, you will notice many foreigners driving a motorbike. This gives the false idea that renting one is allowed after all. The reality is different. Usually these foreigners are expats living in Siem Reap and they bought the motorbike they’re driving. This is allowed by the law, on the condition that you have a current Cambodian driver license. (Which most expats don’t have, but that’s a whole different story. :))