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Hi. Driving in Cambodia with an international driving license is not according to the law. Most probably it will cost you a few dollars (bribe) when the traffic police stops you. It hapened to me before in PP. The traffic law states as follows:

Except when there is a bilateral or multinational agreement or international convention recognized by two countries or more with Kingdom of Cambodia, legal immigrants who want to drive on the road of the Kingdom of Cambodia could obtain Cambodian license in two ways:      1.   Applying in the examination for driving license like Cambodians 2. Exchanging their national driving licenses with the Cambodian one by submitting the application form to Ministry of Public Works and Transportation and shall complete the following criteria:  a. Shall have passport and valid visa b. Shall have a valid driving license c. Shall have clear permanent address certified by authority d. Shall have a physical certificate and stayed in Cambodia at least six months e. In case the driving license is not in English or French, it shall be translated into English or French certified by their embassies, consuls or other competent institutions. The valid duration of driving license of foreigners exchanged to Cambodian one shall be in one year. The valid duration of driving license of the foreigners who passed the driving test would be in the same period as the Cambodian ones. And in the case that the foreigners’ driving license is invalid, the foreign drivers shall take the theoretical test and practical driving test. Foreign drivers holding driving license type C, D, and E shall not be able to exchange for those type, but shall be able to exchange for type A or B

In practice: upon arrival. You go to one of the many driving schools in town an convert your national driving license to a Cambodian one. If you have a proof-of-residency paper (see one of my other posts) it will cost you around 40usd, if you don’t have this paper the driving school will do for you and it will cost you around 60usd. The qcambodian driving license obtained in this way will be valid for one year.

Edit: don’t forget to take around a lot of passport pictures with you.

Kind Regards,