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Christophe Borgers

At the end I obtained the document free-of-cost but I gave a them a small tip with a big smile, this because of the excellent service ( the document was created on the spot, this taking into account the huge workload related to the coming elections!)

Following documents were required in order to obtain the proof-of-residence-letter:

  • 3 passport pictures (blue background)
  • rental agreement ( in Khmer and thumb-printed, containing the exact address of your property and the name and address of your landlord)
  • valid passport and visa

Also be aware that you have to know the exact names, birthdays and profession of your parents.

At the end the document has to be dated, signed and stamped by both, the chief of the commune/khum/sangkat (មេឃុំ) and the chief of the village/phum (មេភុមិ) where you live.

Translate everything in advance or take a Khmer person/dictionary with you could be usefull since everything has to be made in Khmer.