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Considering move from BKK to SR after 10 years. Advice?

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    Will keep this brief….. Ish.

    1. Been in bkk for 10+ years. From UK. Lived central bkk whole time.

    2. Had company here but closed down as was not doing well and expensive to run. 10k usd + a year.

    3. Will admit. Am bored of living in a 1 bed Condo in a middle of city.

    4. Have spent some time elsewhere in bkk but this has been my base.

    5. Visa. I have options but costs are Indeed high. I don’t do visa exempt. Always get tvs or when had company had non imm b

    6. Am tired of bangkok. The vista, no nature or parks really (ok lumphini and Queen sirikit). But generally it is road’s and Condos and malls. Of course I’m blinkered and I love the country. But its an issue now with visas and tired of spending time on that. Want a year or so away…… I know many places to live here but feel a move away is now timely.

    7. Nothing bad to say regarding thais. I’ve lived here a long while and it’s comfortable. Can read write and speak basically. Would stay but something telling me to try some where else for a while…


    1. Zest for living here has gone bit like when I lived in London after 15 years just got weary and bored. Am from UK.

    2. Would love to stay thailand but feel like with the whole expense and issues with visa, work permits it might be good to take a step back for a while.

    3. Cambodia. Have been many times. Only PP. As many have said it is a hustling city and I lived there for a month but found it hard work.

    4. I read the SR forums and maybe I’m being wishful, but I have a feeling that it might be a place to try for a while.

    What I want…

    1. A house. No more Condo for a while. Garden. Cat. Kitchen. Found some nice places on Sr real estate on FB

    2. Close to markets where I can buy just basic stuff. I am vegetarian. I could always get stuff sent from BKK also.

    3. Just a peaceful area away from pub street tourists (no issue but just want to be in a Khmer type area and away from glut of tuk tuks although am used to taxis in bkk lol so not that bothered if the guys are working just smile say no)

    4. Get more Involved with Khmer community, maybe volunteer, and maybe teach, whilst having time to work on personal projects I. E. Online work.

    5. Gym. Nature. Places to go for a bike ride weekend or trekking.


    I’m in late 40s and single no responsibilities.

    I guess I’m hoping for a reboot of sorts. Don’t imagine it will be SReap forever but if I can tick the above then I would give it a go. Learn basic Khmer and live a less hectic life than central BKK.

    What are your thoughts? I know how to avoid scams to some extent having lived asoke area for a long while


    Any advice appreciated. Not so much thailand vs Cambodia, more like positive solutions regarding a sort of retreat in SR. Or if this life is possible. I feel it is. Go there and see is a bit of an issue as I would rather just make a decision and give it a go. Rent out apartment here. Pack up and just go for it. Else need get a Thai visa again from PP and come back pack up. All a bit on the fence that. I have about a month to do the research and pack up here and go with at least a 6 month trial…. If it doesn’t feel right taken it from there.

    I’ve checked and there seem some interesting businesses and more nature based activities and I feel like I could get more involved with the expat and local scene. And maybe better and easier to find work opportunities than in bangkok.

    Many thanks

    P. S. If anyone wants to jump in with places in VN that checks the ‘what I want’ list then that would be appreciated. I am considering VN also…



    Hi, welcome to the forum!

    What you want is definitely possible in Siem Reap:

    1. Plenty of houses for rent. But i would advise to stay in a guesthouse / hotel for the first few weeks, so that you have enough time to check out different neighborhoods in town. When you find a house that interests you, then don’t sign a contract immediately. Check the street at different moments of the day to make sure it’s quiet enough ( – read: no local KTV’s or drinking places nearby as they can get very noisy). Also, when meeting the landlord, either go through a real estate agent or bring along a Khmer friend that you can trust. Contracts are in Khmer only.

    2. Siem Reap is a small town. There’s always a market nearby. And with the arrival of Grab / PassApp / etc. it’s very easy and cheap to get a tuk tuk to anywhere.

    3. As mentioned in point 1, if you want a peaceful area, then make sure to do some prospecting. Noise is a big issue in Siem Reap.

    4. Siem Reap is perfect for that. Plenty of NGO’s and teaching possibilities. Don’t forget that you’ll eventually need to find a job to secure a 1 year business visa and working permit. Unless you don’t mind to do a visa run every 2 months.

    5. Many hotels offer a monthly membership to use the swimming pool / gym. More info elsewhere on the forum. There are not many parks in Siem Reap though, but there’s always the countryside to explore by (motor)bike.

    The expat community in Siem Reap is great. It feels like everyone knows everyone and plenty of social activities to do.

    Hope this helps, and don’t hesitate to ask more info!



    Thanks greatly for your advice and time. I appreciate it. Positive.


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