Aka Kuro

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  • Aka Kuro offers professional Shiatsu therapy and deep tissue massage services in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Pascal, Aka Kuro’s owner and massage therapist, studied various forms of Shiatsu massage, including the Namikoshi, at the European Shiatsu Academy, of which he is still a member. Thanks to years of continuous training, deep tissue treatment was added to his expertise as well.

    Aka Kuro’s practice is located within La Villa Loti Resort, along the beautiful Siem Reap riverside. Alternatively, home or hotel visits are also possible at an additional charge.

    Treatments are available by appointment only. For reservations, please contact us by phone (+855 63 963 879 or +855 77 590 591) or email (contactus@shiatsucambodia.com).

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    1. Marlieke Kemp - JanssenAka Kuro
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      I went to Pascal for a treatment several times already and I can highly recommend him. In an instant, he knew exactly where my pain originated and one day later my legs already feel a lot better. If you’re looking for someone to release your injury and/or stressed muscles: go see Pascal.

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