Bugs Cafe

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  • Bugs Cafe is a unique restaurant in Siem Reap. Visit to taste unparalleled insect tapas and exciting original cocktails in a modern and fancy bar.

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    1. BrittanyBugs Cafe
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      If you want to try insects while traveling around Southeast Asia, Bugs Café is definitely the best place to do it. Rather than taking a chance on something that’s been sitting out in the street on a vendor cart for who knows how long, the owners/chefs from Bugs Cafe prepare everything fresh. They will also talk you through the process, ensuring that everything you’ll eat is carefully and safely prepared.

      We got the discovery platter just so we could try a variety of items. Although we were a bit apprehensive at first about some of them (namely the tarantula donut), everything was great. The grubs were especially well-liked in our group, though I found them to be a bit squishy for my liking. I guess I think of insects as crunchy, which grubs are not, and was therefore a bit put off by them. The crickets, on the other hand, were delicious!

      Not only was the food and service great, the experience was unique, fun and funny. The conversation was peppered with requests to pass the grasshoppers and remarks about seeing ants in our food, which would ordinarily be a huge red flag. Not at Bugs Café!

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