Butterfly Paradise

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  • Butterfly Paradise is South-East Asia’s newest and largest butterfly garden set in a magical botanical garden setting resplendent with waterfalls, fish, turtles, snakes and more. It is a great place for children who will be greeted at the entrance by the world’s largest caterpillar sculpture, Terpilla.

    On entering the butterfly garden you are immediately surrounded by tropical flowers, waterfalls and magnificent local butterflies. The 360 meter long pathway snakes by ponds full of fish, waterfalls and amazing flowers in what is very likely Siem Reap’s most beautiful garden. Natural looking seats are found all along the path so there is plenty of opportunity to rest your feet and take time to take in the beauty. Stopping at Fish massage falls offers a relaxing fish massage while enjoying a cascading waterfall coming out of a colorful terraced garden. The caterpillar laboratory is a place to see caterpillars and chrysalis. A vegan restaurant in the garden, cinema and small animal house will soon be open to add to already amazing experience. Hand-made butterfly souvenirs are available on exiting. A great place for children.

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