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  • Conveniently located near Pub Street, D’s Books stocks a good selection of books in different genres in both English and other languages, including a fairly complete range of titles about Cambodia and Southeast Asia. D’s Books is located 100m from Pub Street, in front of the Provincial Hospital.

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    1. chrisbelD's Books
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      D’s book shop is rather small but you will be surprised how many kinds of books they display. If you are interested in the history of Angkor Wat and the other temples, this shop will definitely make you the best offer. Its assortment includes also travel guides if you are looking for a next destination. Do you want a book in your own language, then D’s book will be able to help you. At the back, all kinds of genres are arranged according to language: Swedish, Dutch, French and several others. If you have some books which you already read and would like to exchange, you can take them to D’s books as well. They accept second-hand books and will offer you a discount on your next purchase.

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