Explosive Detection Dog Show

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  • The Explosive Detection Dog Show in Siem Reap is an exclusive experience brought to you by Norwegian People’s Aid – also known as NPA. We are a global non-profit organization committed to ridding the world of landmines and other unexploded bombs that litter the land after the end of a conflict.

    If you are a canine lover or want to learn more about how we train our dogs to do life saving work out in the field, then this is for you. Its a great show for the whole family where you will be able to witness first hand the Belgian Malinois in action as they complete a series of training demonstrations and obstacles. Get to meet these intelligent dogs and their handlers, learn and support the work of Norwegian People’s Aid in Cambodia.

    Why do we use dogs in this work?
    Dogs are recognised as one of the most effective ways to speed up the painstakingly slow process of removing landmines and unexploded bombs. Dogs are particularly efficient in locating unexploded bombs due to their incredible sense of smell and ability to be trained to work well with people as you will soon see. The dogs are trained to find the explosive and ignore all other metal scraps that litter former battlefields.

    NPA opened a Dog Training Centre in Siem Reap in response to the growing demand for explosive detection dogs. Dogs trained in Cambodia will help to finally clean up the widespread unexploded bomb contamination in the South East Asia region.

    Our dogs are incredibly smart and strong. Most importantly, our dogs protect people’s lives, render land safe again, – for people to live on, to work on, to cultivate and to grow a future.

    • Showtimes: Monday – Friday at 8.30am and 4pm;
    • Admission: $7 (Khmers: $3);

    Come visit us and meet our friendly life-saving dogs and their expert handlers in action!

  • Admission: $7, Khmer nationals: $3

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