Georges French Restaurant Distillery

  • Georges French Restaurant in Siem Reap offers an authentic fusion dining experience. The chefs and staff are well trained to deliver quality cuisine. It is a highly recommended restaurant due to its unique take on French Asian fusion. Plus it doubles as a rumdistillery,, crafting creative spirits and fun and original jams, chillies and chutneys.

    Georges Rhumerie is a must try restaurant and Distillery! The flavors of his home on Reunion Island combine with French and Asian influences to create new twists on classic dishes, while remaining an authentic expression of Creole fusion cuisine. This restaurant in Siem Reap features a stylish, air-conditioned, indoor restaurant and a beautiful terrace garden.

    The family believes a passion for food and excellence in customer service are keys to the happiness of their guests. To this end, Georges’ kitchen is hard at work every day crafting infused rum, jams, chillies, chutneys, sausages, foie gras and much more.

    Their product is made in Siem Reap; distilled and bottled on site. A strong Cambodian influence that you will find in the ingredients used by Georges French Restaurant. From Madagascar, to Reunion Island and Mauritius or Martinique, their Agricole craft rum keeps its typical fusion touch.

    Did you know that Georges French Restaurant also has fine gifts in the form of their delicious rums and preserves, which come in adorable, yet ethical, packaging? We’re sure you will find the perfect gift to take home to your friends and family.

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