Karo Restaurant & Pub

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  • Karo Restaurant & Pub is a Khmer restaurant, located in the center of Siem Reap, Cambodia.

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    1. BrittanyKaro Restaurant & Pub
      Overall Rating:

      I so want to give Karo’s five stars, but my stomach would not forgive me if I did. We ate here four or five times because it was so close to our hotel, they served delicious food (until it made us sick, it was cheap, and the staff members were friendly.

      HOWEVER, the last meal we ate there gave us both food poisoning. We know this because we ordered the same thing – the eggplant with chicken – and then had the same reaction: numerous trips to the toilet, achy bodies, and probably a pound or two lost. The other meals were awesome, and the eggplant and chicken dish was even tasty as well, but our stomachs did NOT agree with it.

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