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  • Located at the heart of the town center, Lemongrass Garden has rapidly become Siem Reap’s most popular massage and beauty spa. As a locally owned, family run business, we care about each and every person that walks through our door. From our welcoming smiles and air conditioned reception, to our complimentary teas, foot bath and then treatment, our team will take you on a journey of relaxation and bliss that will have you walking on air.

    It is well known that Cambodia is home to many wonders and beauties, inspirational peoples and a rich and vibrant culture. It is this culture that has encouraged and developed the ancient art of Khmer massage. Lemongrass Garden have stayed true to this ancient art, and in doing so, we have become a specialist in performing our very own, unique style of 4 hand massages. These have become famous around the area, and word is spreading globally about this experience. We strongly encourage you to try it! Additionally, our health and beauty menu offers fresh fruit facials, natural body scrubs, nail services including Shellac Gel, and hair removal through use of Tea Tree wax.

    We pride ourselves on allowing our guests to feel safe at our spa, and we do not conduct ‘special’ massage services, so please kindly look elsewhere if this is your desire.

    If you are interested to visit us, you can make a booking via email or telephone, or simply walk-in. Whatever you choose, we will always be happy to accommodate you. We look forward to seeing you soon 🙂

  • Custom Package - choose 2 or 3 treatments and save up to 20%!

  • 2 Reviews on “Lemongrass Garden Spa”

    1. Alexandra DanielsLemongrass Garden Spa
      Overall Rating:

      For me, this was the ultimate middle range experience in massage and beauty treatments. Not as plush as other spas, but then it is also more than half of the price, and still beautifully decorated! I loved it here because I was helping a locally owned business rather than a franchise or hotel corporation. And mostly, the staff were incredible. I had several of their treatments over the few days I was there, and each one made me feel great! I’ve done spas across Asia, and different parts of Europe, and I feel like I had some of the best treatments I’ve ever had here! Try it out, you won’t be upset that you did 🙂

    2. Christophe BorgersLemongrass Garden Spa
      Overall Rating:

      After living in Siem Reap for 6 years, Lemongrass Garden is without doubt my favorite spa in town. But don’t take my word for it. Ask any Siem Reap expat about the best spa in town, and he probably mentions Lemongrass Garden. The reason? Lemongrass Garden consistently provides great service and value for money, which is something that few other spas can say. The secret to their success is that, over the years, they succeeded in keeping the same team together by providing good working conditions to their staff. This means well-trained and experienced masseuses, who enjoy their job and take pride in providing a professional service.

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