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  • About Malis
    Welcome to Malis Restaurant in Siem Reap, our temple devoted to Living Cambodian Cuisine. Overlooking the Siem Reap River, diners are treated to an enchanting ambiance with a stunning garden, water pond, and area for Apsara dance performances.

    Malis Siem Reap’s beautiful interiors are inspired by the architecture of Angkor with high ceilings, grey stone and a sense of space. Cambodian art and handicrafts feature throughout, embracing the local culture.

    Why Malis?
    Malis is the Cambodian name for the white jasmine flower. This fragrant flower, like the lotus, is very important in Buddhist culture and is used for prayer in temples and shrines throughout the country.

    As well as its holy properties, its strong fragrance has made it popular in Khmer cooking, especially for desserts. Jasmine, or ‘Malis’, rice gets its name due to its natural aromatic flavor.

    Malis Restaurant is also featured in our top-list The Best of Siem Reap’s Khmer Cuisine.

  • Discovery Set Menu | $30 (123,000៛):
    A comprehensive set meal presenting visitors with a gastronomic journey through the Kingdom of Cambodia. Includes:

    1. មឹកទ្រង់គទរឿង, អាម៉ុកទ្រី, ស្លាបមាន់ទ្រង់គទរឿង CAMBODIAN TASTING PLATE
    A trio of stuffed Kampot Squid, traditional Fish Amok and a crispy Golden Chicken Wing combine to create a local tasting plate
    2. ម៉ុកមរី | MAK MEE
    Traditional dish of crispy fried noodles topped with stir-fried prawns, squid and fresh herbs served with our special Malis chilli sauce
    3. សមលាទបគ�ើរក្តាម | SAMLOR PROHAL CRAB
    Extra-large succulent Kep crab steamed with lemon leaves and lemongrass, then roasted to perfection with a Koh Kong sweet chilli sauce
    4. ស្ច់ទកកតាកកវ | TAKEO SAUSAGE
    Unique spices and fine coconut shavings inject flavor into our hand-made pork sausages served with a sweet chilli sauce
    5. បាយសមលាលិះ | CAMBODIAN JASMINE RICE
    Cambodia’s award winning rice, steamed to perfection
    6. បកងមអែមលាលិះពលគសស | MALIS MOUSSE
    Our favorite dessert - jasmine flower infused mousse with hints of Cambodian honey and ginger, circled with fresh seasonal fruit

    Happy Hour Special
    Daily: 6 – 8 pm
    Buy 1 get 1 Free Cocktails

    Cooking Class
    Cooking Classes are available for 2 persons and up and taught by an Executive Chef. Participants have the choice of one of three set meals to learn and receive a certificate and recipe cards upon completion. Class schedule is below

    10:00am - Welcome drink and meet Chef at the Restaurant
    10:30am - Siem Reap Market Tour
    11:00am - Return to the Restaurant
    11:15am - Theory Class 11:30am - Cooking Class
    12.00pm - Savor Living Cambodian Cuisine, accompanied by Lunch with Executive Chef

    Contact Malis for booking, availability, and pricing

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