Plastic Free Cambodia

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  • Why Plastic Free Cambodia?

    Unlike paper and banana leaves which decompose, plastic (and styrofoam) don’t ever go away!

    More plastic was produced in the first 10 years of this century than the entire last century!

    Because plastic is derived from petroleum products, its use is causing major environmental problems in the world and in Cambodia. It is in our rivers and along our streets. You can see it! We catch fish from these rivers and they have been swimming in and eating our plastic rubbish – so when we eat them, we are also eating plastic which can cause major health problems.

    This pollution is a big issue and with a little thought, it can be avoided to make the place we live cleaner and healthier for all of us.

    We have two main actions in Cambodia: Education and the July Challenge

    We conduct workshop all year long in schools, NGOs, organisations and businesses to help our audience understanding the issues of plastic pollution and its consequences.

    Workshops start from $120.

    Book a workshop we will arrange an interactive workshop and ongoing support for you and your team to help take care of Cambodia’s environment.

    Don’t wait for July – start now!

    Attempt to use no plastic packaging for one month. To help you focus, here are the TOP FOUR: avoid plastic bottles, plastic straws, plastic bags and takeaway coffee cups.

    It takes time to change a habit, but each time you don’t use plastic you’re making a positive difference!

    Financial donations are welcome.

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