Sinn Sisamouth Cafe

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  • Sinn Sisamouth Cafe is a family-run restaurant, serving authentic Khmer cuisine. The food is prepared with only the freshest ingredients and without MSG’s. Some of our best selling dishes are: fish amok, lok lak, garlic chicken, tom yam prawn, fried Khmer noodle, Khmer curry and fried Cantonese tofu.

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    1. mitsiiiiie Sinn Sisamouth Cafe
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      We went here last October 2016. The restaurant is perfectly situated at the quieter side of Angkor Night Market Street. Food was great, prices were amazing, and the service was exceptional — highly recommended! Try their amok fish, beef lok lak, tom yam prawn, and fried garlic chicken (aka chicken with basil).

    2. liromangoneer Sinn Sisamouth Cafe
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      We ended up eating here twice. The first occasion was for lunch after a gruelingly hot and humid Angkor Temples tour and we were just looking for nice place to eat. There was something about off-the-beaten track restaurants that always appeals to me and that’s why we chose this place. The moment I stepped in, I knew I had made the right choice – I have a penchant for anything that looks rustic and feels homey. The food was excellent as well. We had Beef Lok Lak (a Khmer specialty) and Tom Yam Prawn which both came with rice and were good until the very last bite. It tasted superb and very fresh, no scrimping on the serving either even for dishes that cost just $2 each.

      The second time, we wanted more variety in our trip so our Google search yielded even more restaurants which were now of the popular sort. We ended up choosing Genevieve’s but when we got there, it seemed like a typical tourist restaurant. Not that we doubted the quality of the food, but there were too many people and it was pretty busy. So off we went walking 5 minutes down the road back to Sinn Sisamouth Cafe. For our final dinner we had Fish Amok (a house specialty) and Fried Garlic Chicken and rice which were fitting final meals to cap our Cambodian escapade.

      Sinn Sisamouth Cafe not only offers great meals at incredible prices but they provide charm and sophistication to your Khmer dining experience. That’s what I love about this place.

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