Smile Of Angkor

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  • Smile of Angkor is the first grand epic show that revives the Angkor dynasty in all aspects, from the foundation to the prosperity, from the tale to reality and past to present. It expresses the original culture of Cambodia.

    This splendid performance of 75 minutes is directed by the Cambodia Culture and Fine Arts Ministry and the team of the Closing Ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games. The artists will show you the story of how Angkor Wat was built and will reveal you the secret of the smiling face of lord Avolokitesvara. The show is a mix of traditional songs, dances and Khmer martial arts in combination with 21st century technology like lasers, sound and light effects.

    You can attend the Smile of Angkor show every day at 7.30pm. Don’t miss it! The ticket office is located on Sivutha Blvd, next to Prince d’Angkor Hotel.

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