Soulcial Trust

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  • The Soulcial Trust is an NGO based in Siem Reap, Cambodia, with a branch in New Delhi, India. Our mission is to collaborate with communities to raise awareness about social issues in developing countries. We focus on disabled communities and environmental concerns, working with other organizations both on the ground and internationally to inspire change and promote dialogue.

    Our three major pillars are:

    • Green Influence, raising awareness about environmental issues through collaboration with communities, NGOs, and private businesses;
    • Soulcial Travel, a free platform connecting NGOs and social enterprises with international travelers who wish to volunteer while traveling or living abroad, making their stay abroad more meaningful and impactful.
    • XLability, focusing on empowering people with disabilities in both developing and developed countries through the potency of the culture of athletics.

    The Soulcial Trust harnesses the collaborative spirit of community to transform. We believe that every actor—whether an individual or organization—that participates in an initiative adds value towards achieving our common goal of a social, soulful society.

    As part of the XLability programme, we hold a wheelchair basketball training for all abilities at the ICF Campus Arena in Siem Reap on Friday evenings 5-7 and every other Saturday morning 10-12. Please contact us if you are interested in participating!

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