The Little Red Fox Bar & Cafe @Lub d

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  • The Little Red Fox Bar & Cafe located within Lub d Hostel Siem Reap with an exceptional exterior and interior concept design, merging features of the Khmer lifestyle and culture.

    The Little Red Fox started out as a small coffee shop in the centre of Siem Reaps trendiest shopping district ‘Kandal Village’ as now has grown into something so much bigger.
    Now, ‘The Little Red Fox Cafe & Bar’ located inside Lub d (Siem Reaps trendiest hostel) is set to create a new kind of atmosphere!

    Australian owned & Cambodian run The Fox strongly believes in creating a unique atmosphere. It’s one of those characteristic places where local Cambodian culture are celebrated and social responsibility comes first. Focusing on incredible coffee and complemented by an extensive menu its no wonder this spot is being talked about around town.

    The Little Red Fox Espresso at Lub d – Everyone leaves as a friend!

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