Viva Restaurant

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  • Viva Restaurant is serving Mexican specialties since 2006, at the opposite corner of the Old Market. On the extensive menu, you’ll find traditional Mexican dishes like freshly made tortillas, tacos, burritos, fajitas and a selection of Khmer food, along with pizzas and pastas. Also try a frozen Margarita to wind down after a tiring day at the Angkor complex!

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    1. BrittanyViva Restaurant
      Overall Rating:

      The food was fine, but I would hesitate to call it “Mexican”, per se. Then again, I lived in Los Angeles for years, where the Mexican food is some of the most authentic anywhere. The prices were okay, a bit more than Khmer restaurants, but that’s to be expected. Portions were large, especially with the nachos.

      If you’re looking to fill craving for authentic Mexican food, you might want to try another place (though good luck in all of SE Asia). If you’re simply looking for decent food and good service, Viva is fine.

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