New Flavors on the Khéma Menu in Siem Reap

New Menu at Khema Angkor |
Lamb Shank

Khéma is no newbie to the Siem Reap scene. With its French-style comfort food, it has impressed locals and tourists alike for quite some time. However, with a new menu coming its way, Khéma is taking the game up a notch.

Zesty Seafood Making an Entrance

Classic Mussels – Tender, meaty, briny and French to their core. Served amidst a classic marinade of white wine, shallots and parsley, all so the flavor of the shellfish can stand on its own. As per usual, Khéma has just the right wine pairings for you to make the most of this mouthwatering dish.

John Dory Fillet – The name John Dory has a competitive history, with numerous theories surrounding its origin. But to the team at Khéma, the fish name’s etymology isn’t what matters most. Instead, it’s the tender yet voluptuous meat that goes spectacularly with a Champagne sauce. For the John Dory Fillet (and, it seems, Khéma as a whole), immaculate simplicity makes all the difference.

Meaty Magic Taking the Stand

Chicken Cordon Bleu – As history writes it, the first instance of Chicken Cordon Bleu actually traces back to 1944 Switzerland. Wherever this dish may hail from, there’s no denying that this somehow-refined combination of meat and cheese is divine in its own right. Boneless chicken wraps around a filling of ham and cheese before being rolled around in breadcrumbs and baked for flavor’s sake.

Faux Filet Frites – Not quite a steak, not quite a rib, the entrecôte is a juicy slab of meat, cut from the sirloin. It’s utterly flavorful and teeming with artistic marbling. Best served hot and quick, this cut accompanies crispy fries and a peppercorn sauce to whet the palate. Khéma won’t hesitate to recommend a hearty red wine pairing.

Steak Tartare – If you’re going to serve raw meat, you must do it right. Khéma has definitely got the dish down pat. Served with a raw egg, capers, pickles, seasonings and other Khéma-specific specialties, this steak tartare is an adventure all its own.

You’re In for a Surprise

When you visit Khéma, don’t be surprised if you see even more offerings like Lamb Shank and Creamy Salmon Linguine. All together, these new dishes are just the starting point for things to come. If nothing else, they’re evidence that Khéma is boiling over with ultimate culinary ingenuity.

New Flavors, Same Great Service

While the Khéma menu has gotten a serious revamp, not everything in the restaurant is changing. In fact, some things are certain to stay the same no matter how many times they cycle through fresh flavors. This includes the welcoming environment and stellar customer service that Khéma Angkor is known for.

A dine-in/dine-out restaurant, Khéma manages to combine upscale eating with a laid-back atmosphere. According to the restaurant, Khéma is all about fine foods, sans the hassle. Even with such premium ingredients, their dishes remain affordable for most echelons.

A bakery and delicatessen compliment the restaurant, bringing fresh-baked aromas of bread and pies to the forefront as you enter Khéma’s confines. Whatever the product, Khéma always makes sure to source their ingredients thoughtfully, maintaining tight relationships with their supplies and distributors to ensure that everyone benefits from their success.

At the root of it all lies an award-winning staff. From the kitchen to the dining room and everywhere in between, the Khéma team has got it going on. Everyone has a prime personality and the skills to go along, so you can be confident that each visit to Khéma will be just as finger-licking good as the last.

Khéma Patrons, Make Your Way to Siem Reap

Khéma has four locations, three of which are in Cambodia’s Phnom Penh province. That makes their only Siem Reap locale all the more special, particularly with a new menu on the horizon. There’s only one way you’ll be able to experience the novel flavors for yourself, and it’s by making a stop at Khéma in Siem Reap, where a bold new menu awaits.

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