Apsara Dance Like You’ve Never Seen it Before

Apsara performance, Prumsodun Ok and Natyarasa Dance Company (photo supplied)

Cambodia’s first male Apsara dance company are taking traditional dance to new and exciting places.

It’s a beautiful time in Cambodia where LGBT arts are coming to the forefront of the arts industry and traditions in Cambodia are being challenged in positive ways. This emergence is giving Cambodian people new outlets for creativity and a stage to perform it on.

Prumsodun Ok and Natyarasa Dance Company backstage (photo supplied)

Traditional Khmer dance, like so many crafts, barely scraped through the Khmer Rouge period. A time where artists, teachers and academics were killed or forced out of the country, there is now a clear revival of such arts strongly present in current day Cambodia. With enhancements. New ideas and applications are being introduced, whilst respecting the age-old traditions like the treasure that they are.

It’s an exciting time to be in the arts in Cambodia.

Prumsodun Ok, is the founder and choreographer, for Prumsodun Ok and Natyarasa Dance Company. He studied dance and choreography since he was 16 (now in his 30s), and is a role model for the five dancers in the troupe. The company has provided full time jobs for the dancers, which gives them the opportunity to invest all of their passion and effort into their dance, instead of needing to balance multiple jobs to make ends meet. This opportunity has given them confidence and security, and they are proud to bring the gay community into the spotlight.

The group have already thrilled audiences in Phnom Penh and Bangkok, now it’s Siem Reap’s turn to see this new group perform.

On Friday and Saturday evenings (14 & 15 July, 2017), the show begins from the transfer in central Siem Reap. Guests will be taken to the private houses of Darryl Collins, an architect and expert on Khmer traditional architecture, the setting will be magical amongst the grounds of beautifully restored Cambodian wooden houses, one of which is more than a hundred years old.

Traditional Cambodian customs will be upheld so that guests have a completely immersive experience of the performance, which is sure to capture every heart in the room.

Last minute tickets available at Little Red Fox and Miss Wong Cocktail bar.

More information on the Prumsodun Ok and Natyarasa Dance Company website.