Kampot Playboys Celebrate Debut Album with Free Show in Siem Reap

kampot playboys

Kampot Playboys are proud to release their debut studio album “Garuda” recorded in Siem Reap at 60 Road Studios. To celebrate they are playing a free show at the atmospheric Laundry Bar this Friday June 1st at 9pm. Come along and help them celebrate! Digital download cards with a special discount plus other merchandise will be available as well!

Kampot Playboys are a Cambodian Fusion band based in Kampot and are known for their lively energetic performances. The band was formed in 2011 by Uk Sochiet and Mark Chattaway and is made up of 5 members from 3 countries – Cambodia, UK and Australia. This mixture of different cultures and musical tastes helps towards the Kampot Playboys’ unique sound.

Kampot Playboys are a Cambodian Fusion band, known for their lively energetic performances and unique sound.

Kampot Playboys play a mixture of Cambodian songs from the past as well as original songs. They originally started playing the songs of their favorite singers like Sinn Sisamouth and Vor Sarun as well as more traditional songs but giving them a twist by adding their own energy and arrangements. Their distinctive and unique sound comes especially from the use and mix of the ancient instrument, the Tro Sau, blended with more
modern rock instruments, the folk accordion and dance orientated rhythm section, all lead by singer Chiet’s strong rock vocals.

As the Kampot Playboys began writing more of their own songs they wanted to record what they had been playing so that their music can be reached to a bigger audience. They recorded 11 tracks at 60 Road Studios in Siem Reap in May 2017. The Album is entitled “Garuda” and will be released as a digital download on June 1st. These songs will be available through Apple iTunes, Amazon MP3, Google Music Store and Spotify.

Kampot Playboys will perform at Laundry Bar, this Friday June 1st 2018 at 9pm. Admission is FREE!