UPDATE: Unfortunately a Night of Fashion fundraiser has been postponed to a later date, due to the global Covid-19 outbreak. Already purchased tickets will be refunded at the point of purchase. Thank you for understanding.

Reserve March 21st on your calendar and start combing through your wardrobe for a black and white outfit that celebrates yourself. The Night of Fashion fundraising event for the Butterfly Pea Charitable Foundation’s diligent work at Khom Koh Chi Veang School in Prek Toal is not to be missed!

The sprightly event is the mastermind of John Ganshaw, owner of the Butterfly Pea, a boutique hotel that has earned its high regard by offering sublime experiences and being an authentic socially responsible business that trains and hires economically disadvantaged people and supports educational programs designed to assist young people in breaking the cycle of poverty.

Night of Fashion organizers Muoy Chorm, John Ganshaw & Sros Soun Hor
From left to right – Muoy Chorm, John Ganshaw & Sros Soun Hor, the masterminds behind the Night of Fashion fundraiser.

The headliner of the night will be a fashion show that highlights the remarkable collaboration between MUOYCHORM Fashion Designer and Srors Soun Hor, founder of Rokhak. Colorful adventuresome fabric design will blend with nature’s intricate water hyacinth weaving, promising plenty of fervent admiration and applause.

The Butterfly Pea Villa is the inviting environment for the event and it will be orchestrated in John Ganshaw’s trademark energetic welcoming style. Tasty canapés and drinks enhanced by the live music of Kiss Bang Bong and NEM Sopha will ensure that the night will be a glowing gathering.

The organizers and designers share a deep commitment towards their Khmer communities and the challenges they face for survival.

Behind the opportunity to enjoy a stylish event amongst intriguing people is the chance to support its real mission. The organizers and designers share a deep commitment towards their Khmer communities and the challenges they face for survival. The backstory of their lives and their work is one of authentic service, care and hard work for their beloved land, its people and their culture. No one is in denial of how vulnerable life is in Cambodia and they each honor the satisfaction that comes from working together with The Butterfly Pea Charitable Foundation.

The foundation is dedicated to assisting in education, healthcare, and hygiene for the residents of Prek Toal and other Khmer communities around Siem Reap. It is the way they go about their endearing work that is memorable. Practicing inclusivity and adept at illuminating others, the volunteers and team at The Butterfly Pea Charitable Foundation entwine as a family with those they assist and work with flexibility and agility to create fresh opportunities. They understand the power of play and joy and exercise curiosity as a model for others. They inherently understand how to celebrate simply being alive.

The intricate art of water hyacinth weaving.

John Ganshaw, Muoy Chorm, and Srors Soun Hor were partnered early in the opening of The Butterfly Pea boutique. Muoy designed the functional and distinct uniforms for the staff and Srors designed all of the hotel’s wastebaskets, coasters, tote bags, placemats, and rugs. It was the synchronicity of these interactions that brought about the birth of the foundation.

Srors founded Rokhak in part to preserve the weaving culture with the hopes of connecting to socially conscious consumers. She is attentive to giving voice to the women who have little power within the family structure and must solely depend on their husband’s income. By offering women the opportunity to earn money weaving at home, the family life is not disrupted and the women feel empowered. All of her designs are made from the free invasive floating hyacinth plant that was introduced by the French colonialist who wanted the plant for water décor. The meddlesome plant has since caused severe damage in the waterways. Along with sand mining, overfishing, deforestation, environmental issues and a hydropower boom on the Mekong, Lake Tonle Sap, once the ‘beating heart of Cambodia’ is in danger. Srors designed her business to address their plight.

Muoy Chorm’s story is just as personal and is well known in Siem Reap. Muoy was born in the floating village of Kampong Klueng in Siem Reap province. It seemed inevitable that he would always be a farmer until his older brother Sambuth volunteered to work so Muoy could go to school. Enamored by nature and his love for his roots, Muoy drafted designs of clothing eagerly and delved into design, discovering the intricate influences from a world far beyond his own. Within a few years, he was ready to create his own fashion born from the colors and landscape of his homeland.

With the uncertainty and fear arising from our difficult tourist season, this event is timely. Join the Butterfly Pea Foundation to celebrate, consecrate, and support each other. The Night of Fashion holds the promise of cheers to the better angels of our nature.

Night of Fashion
Donation: $35
Complimentary drinks and canapés from 6-8pm
Dress attire: Black & White
Purchase tickets at The Butterfly Pea Hotel, MUOYCHORM Design & Rokhak
Location: The Butterfly Pea Villa (next to Maison Polanka)
Date: March 21, 2020
Time: 6-10pm / Cash bar 8-10 pm

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