Do you choose an office room or rather a customized (large) office space? An office room offers more privacy than a flexible workplace and it fits more than one person. There are office rooms you rent for one person, but there are also office rooms for 10 to 15 people. Do you require privacy, a space to have confidential meetings, a quiet work environment or just more identity for your company? Than an office room / office unit is very suitable for you.

These are the basic questions that business owners bear in mind when they want to lease an office unit. However, these requirements may be hard to check off for those who wants to set up their business office in Siem Reap.

The good news! King’s Road Angkor Premium Office & Property Management completed their Boutique Office & Residential Complex in 2017. This complex is the first of its kind in Siem Reap, with 17 office units and 9 residential units, located in a strategic area in the center of town.

In a span of only 3 years, the complex has been a huge success with both local and International businesses opening a branch office in Siem Reap. Some of the success stories are Foodpanda, Grab, People & Partners, Muuve, South East Asia Property Services and many other independent entrepreneurs specializing in Information Technology, design consulting, real estate and import & export.

Their well customized boutique office suites range from 13 square meters up to 90 square meters in size with energy saving air-conditioners and carpet. The complex also has a spacious meeting room equipped with LCD projector and screen for confidential meetings or business presentations.

With tenant satisfaction in mind, King’s Road Angkor make it appoint to offer all amenities necessary to operate their businesses such as 24/7 electricity with backup generator, 24/7 security staff, a fully equipped surveillance system around the public areas and adequate vehicles parking area.

“Accessibility and visibility are the key selling points of our office & residential complex’’ commented Mr. Ban Vibol, King’s Road Angkor Chief Executive Officer.

Aside from location, which is very impressive when you want to set up a business office, King’s Road Angkor Premium Office & Property Management’s core objective has always been to offer exceptional customer care which in turn translates to more client enquiries and renewal of lease requests from their existing tenants.

“Concerning every client and tenant, we always listen to them and understand fully what they want and need”, Mr. Jomari Cruz, King’s Road Angkor General Manager, told us.

They invested and implemented a user experience management system that has allowed their tenants to inform them of any issues or concerns and to also pay their bills resulting in faster action, response, and convenience for all involved.

So If you’re thinking of setting up a business office in Siem Reap, there’s an office & residential complex that will be worthy for your business and you will be treated like royalty whether you are a client or tenant.

King’s Road Angkor
Address: Achar Sva Street
Tel: +855 93 811 800
Email: [email protected]