Get Your Frock On!

Frockaholics, Siem Reap's latest fashion store opens at King's Road Angkor.

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  1. Dress
    Australian term for pretty dress or outfit, suitable for a party


  1. Addicted to or obsessed with something

For a lot of expats living in Siem Reap, the festive season is an important time for us to connect with countries we’ve left behind and take a moment to celebrate with our adopted families in a foreign land.

Handmade in Cambodia

Thanks to Frockaholics, now there is the perfect outfit for the festive period and beyond, tailored and beautiful at their new store at Kings Road Angkor.

frockaholics fashion store, Siem Reap, Cambodia
Frockaholics Fashion store at King’s Road Angkor.

You’re probably already familiar with Blush Boutique, Frockaholic’s big sister for lightweight comfortable and stylish clothing (based at Centre Market and Kings Road Angkor). It’s from Blush that Frockaholics was born. Owner, Alexis Murphy, was receiving a lot of requests for tailored and more custom-fit clothing from customers and also outfits that were a little more glam, more appropriate for parties and formal events. Through her experience in working in Siem Reap and her large network of tailors – tried and tested – Frockaholics has an increased variety of fabrics, in higher quality such as linen and more flattering and fitted styles.

frockaholics, Siem Reap, Cambodia
Find the perfect dress for the festive period.

Many of the tailors have been partners of Blush Boutique since it began in 2011, their quality of work and expert skills are evident through the clothing on offer. They’re all home based tailors, so they run their own business, Frockaholics being one of their clients. It also means that there is opportunity for custom designs, which normally take only a few days to complete. You can choose your fabric and style and have it made to measure.

Alexis mentors and trains the tailors on pattern cutting to learn about the western style fashion, giving them additional skills and ensuring top quality.

Frockaholics have evening wear, smart casual/business appropriate dresses and some gorgeous accessories and handbags.

jewellery at Frockaholics
Frockaholics’ selection of gorgeous jewellery will make you come back again and again!
Beauty and makeup accessories at Frockaholics, Siem-Reap, Cambodia
Beauty and makeup accessories are available as well.

Contact Details

Frockaholics is located at King’s Road Angkor and is open daily from 11am to 10pm. Full contact details are available in our business directory.

Special Offer

For December, they will even give you a 15% discount as an opening special – perfect timing for the upcoming festivities!