Plastic Free July in Cambodia

Do you take the challenge?

Why do we need to worry about plastic?

Ever bought a bottle of water only to receive it in a small bag with a straw, that you don’t need and put those straight in the bin?

Find yourself pulling fruit and vegetables out of a maze of sticky plastic bags after a trip to the market?

Get a plastic hanger on your take out coffee even though you don’t ride a moto?

Get take away soup and then spend 10 minutes assembling everything and burning your fingers whilst emptying the soup out of a plastic bag and into a bowl?

Plastic Free Cambodia run workshops and activities in Siem Reap , Battambang and Phnom Penh to increase people’s knowledge about these excess plastics that we don’t need. And in July, join more than 90 other countries and take the Plastic Free July Challenge, run by PFC.

Plastic is causing huge damage to the environment; let’s think about that for a moment… where do you live? The plastic we throw away is destroying and polluting the land, air and water we need to survive. It’s killing many animal species and again, though we may not see it, we need them to survive too. Everything is connected. If we take better care of the environment then it will take better care of us.

How to take the Plastic Free July Challenge in Cambodia?

  • Sign up to PFC’s newsletter and follow their Facebook page for tips on how to reduce your plastic use.
  • Attend the opening event on 1 July at Little Red Fox Espresso in Kandal Village at 5pm.
  • Focus on the TOP 5 single-use plastics:
    • take away cups – for coffee and shakes
    • straws
    • plastic bags
    • Styrofoam (chan snouw)
    • Bottled water
  • When you do use some plastic, keep it!
  • Join the social media competition!

Plastic Free July Challenge in Cambodia

It takes time to change a habit, but each time you don’t use plastic you’re making a positive difference!