Clean Green Cambodia Launches its #noplasticinmyhotel Campaign

Hotels in Cambodia are asked to pledge to reduce their plastic waste by 2021

Clean Green Cambodia Launches its #noplasticinmyhotel Campaign
What side is your hotel on? #noplasticinmyhotel

With its campaign #noplasticinmyhotel, Clean Green Cambodia is asking hotels in Cambodia to pledge to reduce their plastic waste by 2021.

Cambodia is drowning in plastic waste. While the tourism industry brings benefits to the country, it also contributes significantly to plastic pollution. Every month, 4.6 million plastic bottles are used by the industry. Between single-use amenities in bathrooms, plastic straws, Styrofoam boxes, plastic bottles, plastic packaging etc. hotels are particularly responsible for tonnes of plastic waste ending up in landfill, rivers, and oceans.

This is why Clean Green Cambodia, an initiative from Soulcial Trust working on encouraging actors in Cambodia to be more responsible is launching its campaign #noplasticinmyhotel. With this campaign, Clean Green Cambodia is calling hotels to be leaders and pledge to reduce their plastic use by 2021. Hotels can take easy actions that can significantly reduce their plastic waste, including replacing plastic bottles in bedrooms with glass/reusable bottles, switching from single-use bathroom toiletries (e.g. shampoo, shower gel) to refillable options, remove plastic straw, opt for biodegradable take-away boxes instead of Styrofoam ones, and so on. Discover the pledge on the Clean Green Cambodia website and see how your hotel can make a difference. Be a leader, say #NOPLASTICINMYHOTEL.

Supporters of the #noplasticinmyhotel pledge

About Clean Green Cambodia: Created in 2017, Clean Green Cambodia is a project from Soulcial Trust, an NGO raising awareness about disability and environmental issues in Cambodia. Clean Green Cambodia gathers sustainable initiatives in the country on its platform and encourages all actors in the country to improve their environmental and social impact. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn (@cleangreencambodia) to learn more about their campaign and activities.

Contact: Juliette Goulet, Green Influence Manager at Soulcial Trust, [email protected]