When entering King’s Road Angkor, visually you are struck by the architecture. The designers clearly understood the space they were working with, and their vision is beautiful. It will offer international and local visitors an authentic vision of a traditional Khmer wooden village – just as it exists today – along every river bank and lake in Cambodia. The waterwheel in the river, by the entry to the village symbolizes this idea. In times past, when Siem Reap was the Seat of the Angkor Kings, the waterwheel represented the achievement and sophistication of the Khmer Empire.

This is just the first step in the realization to promote Khmer Heritage through arts & crafts. King’s Road Angkor Premium Office & Property Management which operates King’s Road Angkor Dining & Shopping Village, follows a concept that is international in standard, guided by its mission to create a space with ambience, detail and eloquent design. The idea being to promote locally designed products and offer quality dining options in a lush, tropical oasis, set apart from the gritty streets nearby.

“At our property we are promoting Khmer Arts & Crafts through our respective retail and F & B outlets” commented Mr. Ban Vibol, King’s Road Angkor Premium Office & Property Management Chief Executive Officer.

King’s Road Angkor is also the home of Made in Cambodia Market which has been the forefront of showcasing Khmer products since its inception.

Get a chance to discover handmade jewelries, Men’s and Women’s dresses, precious stones, natural handmade face soaps, home & office decors, paintings and Kromas – a type of scarf, widely used by the Khmers. All products at the Made in Cambodia Market are created by Khmers, who are proud to showcase their culture and ingenuity through their fine craftsmanship. Guests can also interact with the artisans and artists, learning about the intricate craft production process and history of each of the products being sold at the market.

“King’s Road Angkor is different from other tourist markets here in Siem Reap as we are promoting the value of our products that are being made in Cambodia.” boasted by Mr. Vibol.

“We are supporting Cambodian Artists & Artisans who have shown their creative artistry in their works, enhancing the status of our local artists to be the best in the world in terms of creativity and ingenuity” parting words by King’s Road Angkor General Manager Mr. Jomari Cruz.

King’s Road Angkor is a must visit when you are in Siem Reap, visitors will surely admire the Khmer artisans and artists who are creating an impact by showcasing locally made products which have received praising reviews from international and local travel agencies, travelers, boutiques, and hotels, as well as an impressive number of positive social media reactions.

King’s Road Angkor
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