Siem Reap’s Motorcycle Community Puts Road Safety First

Siem Reap Bike Meet event aims to raise further funds for road safety and education.

Helmets for Kids Handover Ceremony at Phum O Primary School

In August last year, Angkor Town’s well known motorcycle club The Dirty Cuts Siem Reap (DCSR) held their 2nd Annual Siem Reap Bike Meet, an event which was attended by around 450-500 riders, bike enthusiasts, travellers, locals and expat families. During the event, a raffle was held, which raised $1,300usd for Road Safety NGO AIP Foundation to launch their Helmets for Kids safety initiative in Siem Reap.

Just last Saturday, on the 23rd of March, The Dirty Cuts rode to Phum O Primary School, just outside of town to participate in the Helmets for Kids Handover Ceremony, during which children and families from the community were given a quality, fitted motorcycle helmet as a gift. Representatives from AIP and the local government were present during this event to announce the launch of the program, and to speak about road safety both on and off the bike.

 Helmets for Kids Handover Ceremony at Phum O Primary School
Helmets for Kids Handover Ceremony at Phum O Primary School

“Aside from riding, road safety education, rider safety and building a responsible and supportive riding community has always been an integral part of The Dirty Cuts and we’re proud to be able to share this message and be a part of launching the ‘Helmets for Kids’ program.” said Tasmanian born Dean McLachlan, spokesperson for The Dirty Cuts and Co-Founder of Siem Reap Bike Meet.

‘This event has been made possible due to the generosity of the local riding community and our partnership with the AIP Foundation” added McLachlan, who is a long term Australian Expat and also Co-founder of Just Ride Motorbike Adventures where the message of road safety is strongly echoed.

“We are more than just an MC – we’re known in the local community as DCSR, which stands for Duty, Community, Service, Respect – this is who we are and we let our actions speak for us” adds fellow Dirty Cuts member and SRBM Co-founder Scott McNeil.

“We’d also like to take this opportunity to announce that we have set the date for the 3rd Siem Reap Bike Meet as the 23rd of November, 2019 . You can follow our Facebook page to keep up with announcements, but it’s going to be big!” adds McNeil, long term Canadian Expat and Branch Manager of Celliers d’Asie.

The Dirty Cuts Siem Reap Motorcycle Club

DCSR was founded in 2013 in Siem Reap by a group of friends and riders who wanted to ride more, and found safety in numbers while riding the Kingdom’s often challenging and dangerous roads. The Club also takes care of their own bike maintenance, leaving nothing to chance and hope.

The Club has a strong community focus and organises regular social rides to share the message and demonstrate road and rider safety. DCSR also participates in and directly supports numerous community and fundraising events. Aside from Siem Reap Bike Meet, DCSR also hosts the ANZAC Day Dawn Service at Wat Damnak, every year on April 25th.

Siem Reap Bike Meet

SRBM is a community founded, and driven motorcycle event with a focus on motorcycles, but also great live music, food, art, community and family. The goal is to try to bring all riding communities together to strengthen ties, discuss routes and road conditions and to plan more rides! Siem Reap Bike Meet is fast becoming a ‘must-attend’ event on Cambodia’s calendar, and looks to become the largest Bike Event in the Kingdom.

Follow the SRMB facebook page to keep up with all the latest announcements or visit their Youtube channel for video footage of past events!