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When you explore the nightlife scene around Pub Street, you will soon discover that this area mainly attracts a public of western tourists, backpackers and expats. However, if you want to experience the real local nightlife, you should definitely try a beer garden. You will notice that Cambodian people like to drink a beer or two as well!

Cambodianbeer gardensDrinking cheap beers in Night Sabai Sabai, a beer garden in Siem Reap's famous beer garden street.

What is a beer garden?

A beer garden is an open-air area where beer, other drinks and local food are served. Usually this area is attached to a bar or restaurant. The concept of a beer garden originates from Germany in the 19th century, but it rapidly spread to other countries. And even became popular in South East Asia.

However, the concept of a beer garden was reinvented in Cambodia. The Cambodian beer gardens are not attached to a restaurant or bar. They are independent places and usually come with a KTV and / or private rooms. At the entrace of the beer garden, there are often hostesses waiting to accompany the (mainly male) customers to the karaoke or private rooms to drink, eat and sing with them. In the open-air area, they usually play loud Cambodian pop music and show a movie or sports event on a giant screen.

Beer gardens offer some of the best authentic Cambodian food. However, you will notice that it's quite a challenge to order some food if you're not speaking Khmer. 

Beer gardens in Siem Reap 

There are plenty of beer gardens in and around Siem Reap, mostly frequented by young Khmer people. It's not so common to find foreigners or tourists in these local drinking venues. The following list mentions some of the more popular beer gardens in town.

Good to know! Most beergardens in Siem Reap are open from 18.00 to 2.00 at night.

Angkor Town

Angkor Town beer garden is located in the main beer garden district of Siem Reap. In this area you will find about 20 - 30 beer gardens and KTV's. However, you will need a tuk tuk to get there, since it's located a couple of km away from Pub Street and the Old Market area. Ask your tuk tuk driver how to get there or follow these directions: From Pub Street, follow Sivutha Blvd until you reach the second traffic lights. This is the crossroad of Sivutha Blvd with National Road 6. Turn left and follow Road 6 until you reach traffic lights again. Turn right and you will enter the main beer garden district of Siem Reap. Angkor Town beer garden is at the end of this street, right in front of you when you reach the T-junction. 

One Star

One Star is another popular beer garden in Siem Reap. This one is located closer to Pub Street and is easily reachable by foot. It's located in 'Sok San Street' on the corner of Garden Village Guesthouse. One Star is a good place to go on a rainy night, since it has a big roof. There's also a small KTV offering a selection of Khmer songs. The owner speaks English very well, which will prove handy when you want to order something from the menu.


The 'Sensabay group' is the Mc Donalds of beer gardens in Siem Reap. They currently own 5 beer gardens, but who knows when the next one will open!

Sensabbay 1: This beer garden is located in Siem Reap's main beer garden district. There are two ways to get there. Either follow the directions as explained for Angkor Town beer garden and turn right on the T-crossing. You will see Sensabbay 1 after 20m on your left side. Or follow these alternative directions: From Pub Street, follow Sivutha Blvd and continue straight on the crossroad with National Road 6, pass in front of Angkor Century Resort on your left and turn left at the next crossroad. You will enter the beer garden district from a different side and will find Sensabbay 1 on your right after about 100m.

Sensabbay 2: This beer garden is located a few km outside town on 'High School Road'. Pass in front of Angkor High School and you will see Sensabbay 2 about 400m after it on your right. 

Sensabbay 3: This beer garden is the closest one to the center of Siem Reap. When you come from Pub Street, follow Sivutha Blvd to the left, until you reach the riverside roundabout. Take the street to the right and walk about 100m to find Sensabbay 3 on your right side.

Sensabbay 5: This venue is located in the main beer garden district, opposite to Sensabbay 1. Follow the directions for Sensabbay 1 to get there.  

Sensabbay 6: This beer garden is located on Charles De Gaulle road, right opposite the Angkor National Museum. There are no other drinking options in the neighborhood. So be sure that this is the place where you want to pass the evening or ask your tuk tuk to stick around.

Sensabbay 7: This new address is also located in the main beer garden district, at the back of Sensabbay 5. Follow the directions for Sensabbay 1 to get there, pass in front of it and turn left just after on the dirt road. 

Snow World

Snow World is not the typical Cambodian beer garden. There are for example no hostesses and the place is open all night. This makes it a popular venue for one last beer and some food after the nightclubs and other bars close their doors. You'll get there by following Sivutha Blvd to the first traffic lights, turn left and you'll find Snow World after 200m on the left side.

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