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Are you craving for some real homemade food? Or do you want to cater a party at your home? Don't worry, Siem Reap has some great addresses to buy all your delicacies!

Les Celliers d'Asie

  les celliers d'asie

Being present in the country since 1993, Les Celliers d'Asie grew to be the leading distributor of wines and spirits in Cambodia. The company offers an extensive selection of wines, sparkling wines and champagnes, bottled by wineries from all over the world. It can count many of the major hotels and restaurants in town among its clients. If you are looking for an exceptional bottle of wine, then Les Celliers d'Asie is the place to go. They sell their wines to both individual and professional customers.

Tel: +855 63 964 409 & +855 63 964 408
Opening hours: Monday - Saturday, 8h00 - noon and 14h00 - 18h00, Sunday closed.
Location:  No. 304, Stung Thmey Village, Siem Reap (parking available)
Directions: Coming from Pub Street, follow Sivutha Blvd until the crossroads at Sokimex petrol station. Turn left on to Samdech Tep Vong Street. Follow this street until you see a white wall on your left (before making a right turn in the direction of Road 6). These are the offices of Les Celliers d'Asie.

aus Khmer

  Aus Khmer, Siem Reap

Aus Khmer offers fine foods and beverages in Cambodia since 2001. This Australian - Khmer wholesaler is specialized in the import of Australian beef and lamb, but also offers a large selection of Australian and French dairy products and even a comprehensive range of wines. They mainly cater to restaurants and hotels, but you can buy their products in small quantities for personal use as well. And if something is not available in the Siem Reap branch, you may be able to make a special order on demand coming from their main boutique in Phnom Penh. The Aus Khmer staff is happy to assist you in English, French and Khmer.

Tel:  +855 63 760 386
Opening hours: Monday - Saturday, 8h00 - 17h00, Sunday closed.
Location: No. 165A, Lok Ta Noeuy Road, Wat Damnak, Siem Reap.
Directions: On the High School Road, turn left after passing the university (road going to Road #6 and Phsar Leu), 200m on the right you will find the One Star KTV and it's just the next door.

Siem Reap BBQ

Siem Reap BBQ

You have the party, they have the BBQ !!! This catering company will provide you with all the things you need to organize your event dinner or simply to have a good meal for a special occasion, bringing with them all the material for roasting. Whole roasted pig, steak, sausages, fish and seafood, marinated chicken, German bratwurst, potato salad, grilled veggies, dips and sauces, and more with a large range of German dishes. Quotation on demand. Tel : +855 17 375 110

l'Oasi Italiana

  l'oasi italiana homemade products

The Oasi Italiana was created in 2005 by Roberto, a passionate Italian with an incredible talent for preparing and cooking food.  His love for cooking first started when he was a child and watched his grandmother cooking in the beautiful hills of Tuscany. In 2012, this delicious restaurant started the production of homemade cheeses and meat products, and quickly other businesses in town started using their quality products. Mozzarella, mascarpone, feta, cheddar, cream cheese and much more. Their meat selection contains smoked chicken breast, cooked ham and smooked ham, Italian styled sausages, chicken sausages, smoked bacon and salami all produced without chemicals. Products can be sliced and will be vacuum packed. Follow the river on the right side and find the restaurant 50m after Wat Preah An Kau Sai.

Tel : +855 92 418 917

Snags Sausages

  snags sausages

Their mission is to produce quality sausages at affordable prices for the many different business and locals in Siem Reap. Made fresh right here in Siem Reap. Snags Sausages provides a variety of different flavors like beef, pork, chicken, premium, pork and apple, and much more. Whether you're looking to stock your hotel, guesthouse, bar or even just your very own fridge at home, Snags is the way to go! They are produced according to the western hygienic standards so don't expect to find a roach wing in your sausage They only provide quality sausages. Free delivery if you live in town. For any enquiries or purchases please feel free to call. Tel : +855 88 727 2619

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