Getting around in Siem Reap

It is easy to get around in Siem Reap. There are many ways to go to the temples or to get around in town. 

Getting Around Siem Reap

By Tuk tuk

There are many tuk tuk driver around, just pick one on the street (or just check our friends' list bellow) and ask how much it is to bring you to your destination or what you want to visit. A normal ride one way not so far is around 2 US dollars. When they notice you are a tourist they will try to ask you more but negotiate first before agreeing to the price. 

Going to the airport or coming from the airport is 5 US dollars for one way. Don't pay more because this is the official price.

A day at the temples will cost you between 12-15 US dollars for the whole day. 

By Motor taxi

If you are travelling alone you can take a motortaxi (moto dop). You can also just pick one in the street and ask him to bring you to the place you want to vist. One ride is normally 1 US dollar. 

By bicycle

Everywhere in town you can hire a bicycle for 1-2 US dollars for the whole day. It is very cheap and you can also rent them to visit the temples if you are up to it. It can get hot during the day so if you plan to hire one, please take "enough water with you.

Do you need a good tuk tuk or taxi driver? This is a list of our friends:

Tuk Tuk Driver VichetTuk Tuk Driver VichetYou want to be treated as a VIP; Suon Vichet is your guy. Nice tuk tuk driver with a brand new vehicle, with good English, some Thai and even some words of Japanese. He is located every day, if not busy, around the Old Market to wait customers to bring them back to their hotel, or to offer them his services for a day trip to the temples.

To contact Vichet, call him on +855 97 994 4221 or email him at

 Tuk Tuk Driver Tola Chim Tola, or just Tola, is one of the rare tuk tuk driver who can speaks in a fluent French, and a really good English as well. Polite and friendly, he will be the perfect "guide" if you have some difficulties to communicate in anything else than French. Our friend Tola drives around town all day, so if you need him feel free to call him.

To contact Tola, call him on +855 12 613 582 or email him at

Tuk Tuk Driver SavoanOur friend Prak Savoan is a shy guy, but when you will know him, he will become immediately your friend due to his extreme kindness. Savoan is a tuk tuk driver who speaks Japanese, language he has learnt during several months, but his English is also really good. Please give him a call, if you are coming of the Land of the Rising Sun.

To contact Savoan, call him on +855 12 636 806 or email him at

Tuk Tuk Driver PhearomYou are coming from the neighbor country, Thailand, and you are looking for a tuk tuk driver who can speaks Thai, our friend Keo Phearom is that driver. Phearom looks very serious, but he will rapidly give you a charming smile as a welcome. His English is also very good, and he will be a great help during all your stay in Siem Reap.

To contact Phearom, call him on +855 12 788 371 or email him at

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