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Kingdom Talent Festival: A Community-Building Trade Fair for Students

The Kingdom Talent Festival is a unique event that brings together Khmer professionals from all walks of life to share their talents and stories with the community. The festival is hosted by Satcha, an incubation center for Cambodian handicraft, and is organized by Creation Haus, a graphic design studio and source of design training and workshops in Siem Reap.

The festival is a great opportunity for students to learn about the different skills and talents that Khmer professionals have to offer. Visitors can explore the tents of the different professionals, ask questions, and get inspired. It is also a great opportunity to meet new people and make connections.

Why Attend the Kingdom Talent Festival?

  • Learn about different career paths. The Kingdom Talent Festival will feature a wide variety of professionals from different industries. This is a great opportunity for you to learn about different career paths and find out what it takes to be successful in their chosen field.
  • Get inspired. The Festival is a great place to be inspired by the stories of successful professionals. Hearing about their challenges and successes can help you to believe in yourselves and your own dream.
  • Make connections. The Kingdom Talent Festival is a great place to meet new people and make connections. You will network with professionals, learn about their work, and get advice on their own career goals.
  • Support the local community. The Fair is a community-building event. By attending, you will show support for local businesses and entrepreneurs. And learn more about the local entrepreneur culture and history.

About Satcha

Satcha is a Cambodian handicraft incubation center that provides a space for artisans to learn new skills, develop their businesses, and connect with other artisans. The center was founded in 2018 by a group of entrepreneurs who were passionate about preserving Cambodian handicrafts. Satcha offers a variety of services to artisans, including:

  • Training on handicraft production techniques
  • Assistance with marketing and business development
  • Access to a shared workspace and tools
  • Networking opportunities with other artisans

Satcha’s goal is to help Cambodian artisans create sustainable businesses that contribute to the local economy. The center has helped hundreds of artisans improve their skills and start their own businesses. Satcha is a valuable resource for Cambodian artisans and a great example of how entrepreneurship can be used to preserve traditional culture.

The Kingdom Talent Festival is a great opportunity for you to learn about Satcha and the work that they do. Visitors to the festival will learn about the different handicrafts that are produced in Cambodia, and they can also meet the artisans who create them. The festival is also a great opportunity to support Satcha and their mission to promote Cambodian handicraft.

Schedule of Events

Saturday, May 20th

  • 3pm: Festival starts
  • 4pm: Feature Presentation – Pheak, Medha Women Drummers
  • 5pm: Feature Presentation – Krisna, Creative Cocktails
  • 6pm: Feature Presentation – Soran, Shadow Puppets

Sunday, May 21st

  • 9am: Festival starts
  • 10am: Feature Presentation – Johny, Khun Khmer
  • 11am: Feature Presentation – Mony, Sam Veasna
  • 3pm: Feature Presentation – Sirivan, Fashion show
  • 4pm: Feature Presentation – Soran, Shadow puppets
  • 6:00pm: End of the festival

Featured Professionals

  • Pheak is a drummer who leads a group of women empowering other women through music.
  • Krisna is a mixologist who creates delicious and artistic cocktails.
  • Soran is a shadow puppeteer who has been practicing his art for over 50 years.
  • Johny is a Khun Khmer martial artist and fighter.
  • Mony is a lead bird guide.
  • Sirivan is a fashion designer who creates modern and stylish designs that reflect her love of Cambodian culture.

The festival is also a great opportunity to support Satcha and their mission to promote Cambodian handicraft. The Kingdom Talent Festival is a free event and is open to the public.

It will be held on Saturday, May 20th and Sunday, May 21st.

Satcha is located at House #256, BBU Road, Siem Reap. Contact details and Google Map can be found here.



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