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Remote Temples

Angkor Archaeological Park contains many popular temples within its perimeter, however there are several Angkorian temples outside of the park that are worth visiting. These remote Angkor temples are fascinating to visit, and often have some pleasant advantages compared to touring temples within the park: entrance fees are very low or non-existent, crowds are rare, and the experience of finding and exploring the temples is often more exciting and adventurous. These remote temples include Beng Mealea, Koh Ker, and Preah Vihear.

Beng Mealea

Off the usual tourist track, Beng Mealea also known as the Jungle Temple, provides a fantastic opportunity to experience an Angkor temple as it would...

Roluos Group

The Roluos Group refers to a collection of four Angkor-era monuments, which are not located within the main Angkor Park, but instead near a small...

Banteay Srei

"The lady temple", "the tiny temple", "the pink temple"; Banteay Srei goes by many nicknames, an indication of the distinctiveness of this little gem...

Kbal Spean

Kbal Spean literally means “Bridge Head” in Khmer and is an ancient Angkorian site, part of Phnom Kulen National Park. It is located in...

Phnom Krom

Phnom Krom is a hill located about 12 kilometers southwest of Siem Reap, and is home to a spectacular Angkorian temple built in the...
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Angkor Wat is the largest religious monument in the world

Angkor Wat

Angkor Thom Victory Gate

Angkor Thom

Ta Prohm temple ruins

Ta Prohm

Sunset at Phnom Bakheng

Phnom Bakheng

Banteay Kdei temple

Banteay Kdei